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Adolf Hitler : a biographical companion /
David Nicholls.
Santa Barbara : ABC-CLIO, c2000.
xxx, 357 p. : ill., ports. ; 26 cm.
0874369657 (alk. paper)
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Santa Barbara : ABC-CLIO, c2000.
0874369657 (alk. paper)
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Full Text Reviews
Appeared in Library Journal on 2000-11-01:
Does the world need another book about Adolf Hitler? It is unlikely, although Nicholls (history, Exeter Univ. and Leeds Univ.; Napoleon: A Biographical Companion, LJ 11/1/99) has written a usable single-volume reference on the subject. The book's strength is its use of current scholarship on the Nazis, including a brilliant article on the Historikerstreit, the historiographical controversy regarding the Holocaust among scholars. Nicholls strives to represent fairly a variety of views, but in the end, all the articles are his. The appendix using Hitler's own words to present his worldview is very well done. Unfortunately, Nicholls relies too heavily on secondary sources, making the book inferior to The Encyclopedia of the Third Reich (Macmillan, 1991. o.p.; Da Capo, 1997), which set the standard for reference books on the Third Reich with its extensive use of primary documents from German archives. Thus, Adolf Hitler is an adequate alternative to libraries that do not possess The Encyclopedia of the Third Reich, but those that do can pass unless they wish to be complete on the subject. (Index not seen.)DRandall L. Schroeder, Wartburg Coll. Lib., Waverly, IA (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.
Appeared in Choice on 2001-05-01:
For the topic of Hitler, the format of this series, which intends to provide basic contextual and biographical information focused on an "individual's life and times," is problematic. Differentiating between the man and his times, given the overwhelming impact of Hitler's personality on the Third Reich, is difficult and results in a blurred focus. Most entries would differ little if this were an encyclopedia of the Third Reich rather than a biographical companion, and other, superior works exist on the larger subject (e.g., The Encyclopedia of the Third Reich, ed. by Christian Zentner and Friedemann Bedurftig, 1991; The Longman Companion to Nazi Germany, ed. by Tim Kirk, 1995; and especially Louis Snyder's Encyclopedia of the Third Reich, 1976). The introductory essay, most entries, and the lists of further readings add little to the information in these other sources, some details are erroneous (e.g., in the article "Linz," Leonard Potsch should be Leopold Potsch), and cross-refere ncing is weak. Recommended for general and undergraduate collections lacking the sources listed or for collections in need of a complete, up-to-date set of sources on this topic. H. Lowood Stanford University
Review Quotes
" 'Adolf Hitler: A Biographical Companion is an orderly and succinct work that provides easy access to a good deal of useful information ... Given its format and ease of use, students and lay readers will find it equally compelling. It merits consideration for public, high school, and undergraduate collections." - Against the Grain
"...a first-rate encyclopedic resource ... an outstanding reference resource that is highly recommended for any library." - American Reference Books Annual
"Recommended for general and undergraduate collections lacking the sources listed or for collections in need of a complete, up to date set of sources on this topic." - Choice
"...the book is excellent ... the text does give good analyses ... It is recommended for reference collections in public, sixth form, and undergraduate libraries." - Reference Reviews
"The information and analysis are very helpful to anyone seeking to understand this dark and complicated man and the impact he had on human history. Students will find this volume a good place to begin research on Hitler, and the bibliographies will help them find more complete information. Recommended for high school, public, and undergraduate libraries." - Booklist
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Library Journal, November 2000
Booklist, January 2001
Choice, May 2001
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Bowker Data Service Summary
This biographical companion covers every major event and person involved in the rise and fall of Hitler and the Nazi Party. The book includes Hitler's most important collaborators and opponents, and also his domestic ond foreign policies.
Description for Reader
. 344 A-Z entries . 46 illustrations, chronology, and bibliography
Description for Reader
* Includes an introduction providing important contextual information * Includes primary source documents, a general bibliography, and an in depth index to guide students interested in additional research topics * Topics include Hitler's most significant collaborators and opponents, the use of propaganda, racial and religious persecution, and Hitler as a war and military leader
Description for Reader
Includes an introduction providing important contextual information Includes primary source documents, a general bibliography, and an in depth index to guide students interested in additional research topics Topics include Hitler's most significant collaborators and opponents, the use of propaganda, racial and religious persecution, and Hitler as a war and military leader
Long Description
The Hitler regime warns us of the destruction that ensues when a perverted ideology and a cult of leadership are combined with a polity where power is divorced from morality. This illustrated AZ biographical companion provides easily accessible information about the key events in Hitler's life, his most important collaborators and opponents, his domestic and foreign policies, the use of propaganda and the forging of the Hitler cult, racial persecution and the Holocaust, and Hitler as a war leader. Adolf Hitler also includes an introduction, a chronology, maps, primary source documents, a general bibliography, and index.
Main Description
This A-Z biographical sourcebook provides information about the life and times of Adolf Hitler, along with insight into the political movement and world conflict he created.
Unpaid Annotation
Features: - 344 entries- 46 illustrations- 14 primary source documents- Chronology, bibliography, and index
Table of Contents
Introductionp. xiii
Afrika Korpsp. 1
Agriculturep. 1
Alsace-Lorrainep. 3
Anschlussp. 3
Anti-Comintern Pactp. 4
Anti-Semitismp. 4
Antonescu, Ionp. 6
Appeasementp. 6
Architecturep. 8
Arnhem, Battle ofp. 9
Artp. 9
Atlantic, Battle of thep. 11
Atlantic Charterp. 12
Auschwitzp. 12
Austriap. 14
Autobahnenp. 15
Aviationp. 16
Axisp. 16
Bagration, Operationp. 19
Baltic Statesp. 19
Barbarossa, Operationp. 20
Bavariap. 20
Bavarian People's Party (BVP)p. 21
Bayreuthp. 21
Beck, Ludwigp. 22
Beer Hall Putschp. 23
Belgiump. 25
Belsenp. 25
Benes, Eduardp. 26
Berchtesgardenp. 26
Berlinp. 26
Blitzkriegp. 28
Blomberg-Fritsch Crisisp. 29
Blomberg, Werner vonp. 30
Blut und Bodenp. 31
Bombing Campaignsp. 31
Bonhoeffer, Dietrichp. 32
Bormann, Martinp. 33
Bouhler, Philippp. 34
Brack, Victorp. 34
Brandt, Karl Rudolfp. 35
Brauchitsch, Walther vonp. 35
Braun, Evap. 36
Braunau-am-Innp. 36
Britain, Battle ofp. 38
British Empirep. 39
Bruning, Heinrichp. 40
Buchenwaldp. 41
Bulgariap. 41
Bulge, Battle of thep. 41
Bureaucracyp. 41
Busch, Ernstp. 42
Casablanca Conferencep. 43
Catholic Churchp. 43
Center Partyp. 44
Chamberlain, Nevillep. 45
Charismatic Dominationp. 45
Churchill, Winston Leonard Spencerp. 46
Ciano, Galeazzo, Countp. 47
Cinemap. 48
Citadel, Operationp. 50
Civil Servicep. 50
Communist Party (KPD)p. 50
Concentration Campsp. 52
Concordatp. 54
Condor Legionp. 54
Confessing Churchp. 54
Cultural Policyp. 55
Czechoslovakiap. 57
Dachaup. 59
Daladier, Edouardp. 59
Danzigp. 59
Darlan, Jean Francoisp. 60
Darre, Richard Waltherp. 60
Dawes Planp. 61
de Gaulle, Charlesp. 62
Denmarkp. 62
Doenitz, Karlp. 63
Dollfuss, Engelbertp. 63
Drexler, Antonp. 64
Dunkirk, Evacuation ofp. 64
Eastern Frontp. 67
Eckart, Dietrichp. 68
Economic Policyp. 69
Eden, Anthonyp. 70
Educationp. 71
Eichmann, Adolfp. 72
Eisenhower, Dwight Davidp. 73
El Alamein, Battle ofp. 74
Electionsp. 75
Elser, Georgp. 76
Enabling Actp. 77
Eugenicsp. 77
Euthanasiap. 79
Extermination Campsp. 80
Fascismp. 81
Feder, Gottfriedp. 82
Final Solutionp. 83
Finlandp. 84
Foreign Policyp. 84
Four-Year Planp. 86
Francep. 86
Franco, Franciscop. 88
Frank, Hansp. 90
Freemasonryp. 91
Freikorpsp. 91
Frick, Wilhelmp. 92
Fuhrer Principle (Fuhrerprinzip)p. 92
Funk, Waltherp. 93
Gauleitersp. 95
Generalgouvernementp. 95
German Christiansp. 96
German Democratic Party (DDP)p. 96
German Labor Front (DAF)p. 97
German National People's Party (DNVP)p. 98
German People's Party (DVP)p. 98
German Workers' Party (DAP)p. 99
Gestapo (Geheime Staatspolizei)p. 99
Gleichschaltungp. 100
Goebbels, Paul Josefp. 102
Goerdeler, Carlp. 105
Goering, Hermannp. 105
Great Britainp. 108
Great Patriotic Warp. 109
Greecep. 109
Guderian, Heinzp. 110
Gurtner, Franzp. 111
Gypsiesp. 111
Halder, Franzp. 113
Hanfstaengl, Ernst Franz Sedgwickp. 114
Harzburg Frontp. 115
Henlein, Konradp. 115
Hess, Rudolfp. 115
Heydrich, Reinhardp. 116
Himmler, Heinrichp. 117
Hindenburg, Paul vonp. 119
Historikerstreitp. 120
Hitler Mythp. 121
Hitler Schoolsp. 123
Hitler Youthp. 124
Hoess, Rudolfp. 125
Hoffmann, Heinrichp. 125
Holocaustp. 126
Horthy, Miklosp. 127
Hossbach, Friedrichp. 128
Hossbach Memorandump. 128
Hugenberg, Alfredp. 128
Hungaryp. 129
IG Farben (IG Farbenindustrie AG)p. 131
Industryp. 131
Italyp. 133
Japanp. 135
Jehovah's Witnessesp. 136
Jews and Jewish Policyp. 136
Jodl, Alfredp. 140
Judiciaryp. 141
July Plotp. 141
Kaltenbrunner, Ernstp. 143
Keitel, Wilhelmp. 144
Kesselring, Albertp. 144
Kirdorf, Emilp. 145
Kluge, Hans Gunther vonp. 146
Kreisau Circlep. 146
Kristallnachtp. 147
Krupp, Alfriedp. 148
Krupp, Gustavp. 149
Kursk, Battle ofp. 149
Labor Relationsp. 151
Labor Servicep. 151
Lammers, Hans-Heinrichp. 152
Landsberg-am-Lechp. 152
Laval, Pierrep. 153
Lawp. 153
League of Nationsp. 155
Lebensraump. 155
Ley, Robertp. 155
Linzp. 156
Local Governmentp. 157
Ludendorff, Erichp. 157
Lueger, Karlp. 159
Luftwaffep. 160
Maginot Linep. 163
Maltap. 163
Mannerheim, Carl Gustavp. 163
Manstein, Erich vonp. 164
Mein Kampfp. 164
Memelp. 166
Michael, King of Romaniap. 166
Middle Classesp. 167
Middle Eastp. 168
Mihajlovic, Drazap. 168
Molotov, Vyacheslav Mikhailovichp. 168
Montgomery, Bernard Lawp. 169
Morell, Theop. 170
Munichp. 170
Munich Agreementp. 171
Mussolini, Benitop. 171
Mutterkreuzp. 174
National Socialism (Nazism)p. 175
National Socialist Factory Cell Organization (NSBO)p. 175
National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP, Nazi Party)p. 176
Nationalistsp. 178
Navyp. 178
Nazi Movementp. 179
Nazi-Soviet Pactp. 180
Netherlandsp. 181
Neurath, Konstantin vonp. 181
Night of the Long Knivesp. 182
Normandy Landingsp. 183
North Africap. 183
Norwayp. 185
Nuremberg Lawsp. 185
Nuremberg Ralliesp. 186
Nuremberg Trialsp. 187
Officer Corpsp. 189
Olympicsp. 189
Oppositionp. 191
Pact of Steelp. 195
Pan-Germanismp. 195
Panzer Divisionsp. 196
Papen, Franz vonp. 197
Paulus, Friedrichp. 198
Pavelic, Antep. 198
Petain, Philippep. 198
Phony Warp. 199
Pius XII, Popep. 199
Plebiscitesp. 200
Polandp. 200
Pressp. 201
Propagandap. 203
Protestant Churchesp. 205
Prussiap. 206
Public Opinionp. 206
Quisling, Vidkunp. 209
Racial Theoryp. 211
Radiop. 212
Raeder, Erichp. 213
Raubal, Gelip. 213
Rauschning, Hermannp. 214
Rearmamentp. 214
Red Armyp. 215
Reich Chancelleryp. 217
Reich Defense Councilp. 217
Reich Food Estatep. 217
Reichsbannerp. 217
Reichstagp. 217
Reichstag Firep. 218
Reparationsp. 220
Resistance Movementsp. 220
Rhinelandp. 221
Ribbentrop, Joachim vonp. 222
Riefenstahl, Lenip. 223
Rohm, Ernstp. 224
Romaniap. 225
Rommel, Erwinp. 225
Roosevelt, Franklin Delanop. 227
Rosenberg, Alfredp. 228
Ruhrp. 229
Rundstedt, Karl Rudolf Gerd vonp. 230
Saarlandp. 233
Sauckel, Fritzp. 233
Schacht, Hjalmarp. 234
Schirach, Baldur vonp. 235
Schleicher, Kurt vonp. 236
Schmidt, Paul Ottop. 236
Schonerer, Georg Ritter vonp. 236
Schuschnigg, Kurt vonp. 237
Schutzstaffel (SS)p. 238
Science and Scientistsp. 240
Sealion, Operationp. 241
Sicherheitsdienst (SD)p. 241
Siegfried Linep. 242
Sobiborp. 242
Social Democratic Party (SPD)p. 243
Social Policyp. 243
Socialismp. 244
Sopadep. 245
Soviet Unionp. 245
Spainp. 246
Speer, Albertp. 247
Stahlhelmp. 249
Stalin, Josephp. 249
Stalingrad, Battle ofp. 250
Stauffenberg, Claus Schenk, Graf vonp. 252
Strasser, Gregorp. 253
Strasser, Ottop. 253
Streicher, Juliusp. 254
"Strength through Joy,"p. 255
Sturmabteilung (SA)p. 255
Sturmer, Derp. 257
Sudetenlandp. 257
Swastikap. 258
Swedenp. 260
Switzerlandp. 261
Teheran Conferencep. 263
Theresienstadtp. 263
Thierack, Ottop. 263
Third Reichp. 264
Thyssen, Fritzp. 265
Tiso, Josef, Monsignorp. 265
Tito, Josip Brozp. 266
Tobruk, Battles ofp. 266
Todt, Fritzp. 266
Todt Organizationp. 267
Total Warp. 267
Totenkopfverbandep. 267
Trade Policyp. 268
Trade Unionsp. 268
Treblinkap. 269
Tripartite Pactp. 269
Turkeyp. 269
U-boatsp. 271
Ukrainep. 271
Unemploymentp. 273
United States of Americap. 274
Universitiesp. 275
Vergeltungswaffe (V1, V2)p. 277
Versailles, Treaty ofp. 277
Viennap. 278
Volkischer Beobachterp. 280
Volksdeutschep. 281
Volksgemeinschaftp. 281
Volkssturmp. 282
Volkswagenp. 283
Voroshilov, Klement Efremovichp. 283
Waffen SSp. 285
Wagner, Richardp. 286
Wannsee Conferencep. 287
War Crimesp. 287
Warsaw Ghettop. 288
Warsaw Risingp. 289
Wehrmachtp. 289
Weichs, Maximilian Freiherr Vonp. 290
Weimar Republicp. 291
Winterhilfep. 292
Womenp. 292
Working Classp. 294
World War Ip. 295
Yalta Conferencep. 299
Young Planp. 299
Youth Policyp. 300
Yugoslaviap. 301
Zeitzler, Kurt vonp. 303
Zhukov, Georgi Konstantinovichp. 303
Documentsp. 305
Chronologyp. 327
Bibliographyp. 333
Indexp. 345
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