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The Turkish history, from the original of that nation, to the growth of the Ottoman Empire, with the lives and conquests of their princes and emperors. With a continuation to this present year, MDCLXXXVII. Whereunto is added the present state of the Ottoman Empire:
by Sir Paul Rycaut ...
The 6th ed., with the effigies of all the kings and emperors ...
London, T. Basset, 1687-1700.
3 v. plate, ports.
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London, T. Basset, 1687-1700.
general note
"A brief discourse of the greatness of the Turkish Empire ... by Richard Knolles": v. 2, p. 981-990.
"A continuation of the Turkish history, from ... 1620, until ... 1628. Collected out of the papers and dispatches of Sir Thomas Roe ... by M.B.": v. 2, p. 963-980.
"A continuation of this present history [1609-1620] ... by Edward Grimston": v. 2, p. 897-962.
"The history of the Turkish Empire continued [1676-1686] ... by Sir Roger Manley, knight": v. 2, [part 2] p. [263]-338.
"The history of the Turkish Empire, from the year 1623, to the year 1677. Containing the reigns of the three last emperors ... By Sir Pavl Rycavt ... London, Printed by J.D. for T. Basset, R. Clavell, J. Robinson, and A. Churchill, 1687": v. 2, [part 2] p. [1-19], 1-262.
"The present state of the Ottoman Empire. Containing the maxims of the Turkish polity; the most material points of the Mahometan religion ... their military discipline ... In three books. By Sir Pavl Rycavt ... London, Printed by J.D., 1687": v. 2 [part 3] p. [1-6], 1-104.
Articles of the treaty of peace at Carlowitz, in Latin and English: v. 3, p. 567-602.
Errors in paging.
The second volume, beginning from Mahomet III and continued to this present year 1687 ...
Vol. 1 and the first part of v. 2 paged continuously ([29], 990 p.) The remainder of v. 2 has two separate pagings ([19], 338, i.e. 324; [6], 104, [2] p.) and special title pages.
Vol. 2 has title: The Turkish history.
Vol. 3 has title: The history of the Turks, beginning with the year 1679. Being a full relation of the last troubles in Hungary, with the sieges of Vienna, and Buda, and all the several battles both by sea and land, between the Christians, and the Tvrks, until the end of the year 1698, and 1699. In which the peace between the Turks, and the confederate Christian princes and states, was happily concluded at Carlowitz in Hungary ... With the effigies of the emperors and others of note ... which compleats the 6th and last ed. of the History of the Turks ... By Sir Pavl Rycavt ... London, R. Clavell, and A. Roper, 1700.
Wing K702? R2408, R2414A.
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