Dental practice, or, Observations on the qualifications of the surgeon-dentist : dental quakery : nature and extent of the duties of the dentist in the first and second dentition : the defective teeth of the present day compared with those of the last century, owing to empiricism : regulation and management of the teeth : the present absurd and destructive practice of filing teeth : treatment of tooth-ache : extraction of teeth : new extracting instruments invented by the author, illustrated by plates : third dentition : importance of artificial teeth : philosophical principles on which they are formed : and on the duty of the surgeon-dentists and mechanical dentists, each by themselves, to unite in associations, for the purpose of abating dental quakery /
by John Gray, surgeon-dentist. --
London : J. Rickerby, 1837.
54 (i.e. 64) p. : ill.

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