A changing Turkey : the challenge to Europe and the United States /
Heinz Kramer.
Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, c2000.
xv, 304 p. ; 24 cm.
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Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, c2000.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Heinz Kramer is a senior research analyst at Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik in Berlin, Germany.
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Appeared in Choice on 2001-01-01:
Kramer (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Germany), a seasoned expert on Turkey, offers a policy-oriented overview of contemporary Turkey. The tone is mildly didactic, bordering on condescending. One part deals with domestic affairs, the other with foreign affairs. In the former, Kramer argues that the Turkish political elite, self-proclaimed guardian of the modernizing and secularizing reforms promulgated by Kemal Atat"urk in the 1920s and 1930s, has become authoritarian and antidemocratic. This criticism focuses on political expression of Islam and assertion of ethnic Kurdish identity. Political Islam has been subject to various kinds of legal harassment. Kurdish ethnic assertiveness, which erupted in the form of a bloody, 15-year guerrilla-style insurrection, has been met with harsh military countermeasures. In the latter, Kramer's account has been rendered somewhat moot by the capture, trial, and conviction of the Kurdish leader, Abdullah Ocalan, and his exhortation to his followers to lay down their arms. Similarly, Kramer's pessimistic assessment of Turkey's chances to become a member of the European Union have been bypassed by the EU's invitation to become a candidate for membership. This knowledgeable, balanced, and informative report lacks the tone of intimate familiarity displayed by Feroz Ahmad's The Making of Modern Turkey (1993) or Ergun Ozbudun's Contemporary Turkish Politics (CH, Jul'00). All levels. F. Tachau; University of Illinois at Chicago
Review Quotes
"The Kramer book is the best book I have read about Turkey.... This work is complete, well researched, and fluid." --George Kaloudis, Rivier College, Nashua, NH, International Journal on World Peace, 3/1/2002
"Heinz Kramer has written a succinct and well informed survey of Turkey's domestic politics, its shifting foreign and security policies, and their implications for Europe and the United States." --Kevin Rosser, Journal of Energy Literature, 2002
"'A Changing Turkey' provides an excellent review and fascinating analysis of the centrifugal religious, ethnic and cultural, political and strategic forces, and the dilemmas of Westernisation, which have dogged Turkey for much of the recent past." --Dr. Oliver Richmond, University of St. Andrews, Ethnic Conflict Research Digest, 12/8/2000
"... an outstanding piece of work- erudite, thoughtful, and lucid. But the book is a must-read above all by virtue of its comprehensiveness and coherence.... It is rare indeed that studies of national foreign and security policy go to the trouble of basing their argument on so thorough an explanation of the domestic past and present.... Kramer's is the best book on Turkish politics and foreign policy to appear for some time. That alone should be reason enough to pick it up." --Carl Cavanagh Hodge, Okanagan University College, European Security, vol. 9; 2000
"As an overview of the dilemmas Turkey faces... this is an excellent study." --Nilufer Kuyas, Privateview, 4/19/2001
"Heinz Kramer has accomplished the impossible: he has produced an extremely well-written and comprehensive book on the dilemmas of modern Turkey." --Henri Barkey, Lehigh University, Middle East Journal, 3/27/2001
"[Kramer's book] provide[s] the reader with a detailed and up-to-date analysis of developments in Turkey and the impact of these on Ankara's regional and international profile." --Anoushiravan Ehteshami, University of Durham, Mediterranean Politics, 4/1/2002
"Kramers Buch eroeffnet die Chancen aur Korrektur zumindest der Fehlwahrnehmungen." --Josef Janning, Internationale Politik, 12/5/2000
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Reference & Research Book News, August 2000
Choice, January 2001
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Main Description
Turkey is a longstanding ally of the United States and Europe. After the demise of the Soviet empire, Turkey's strategic importance has changed but not diminished. Today Turkey is facing a completely different foreign and security policy environment. However, Turkey is also undergoing extraordinary internal change. Many established political truths of the Republic's seventy-five-year-long tradition are increasingly questioned by a growing part of its people. Above all, there is the rise of political Islam and the ensuing clash of ideologies between "secularists" and "Islamists" as well as the debate about Turkey's "Kurdish reality." Turkey's allies will have to respond to this development by adapting their policies. Nothing less than a re-evaluation and, eventually, a re-orientation in relations with both the United States and Europe is required if Turkey is to remain anchored in the West. This book undertakes a comprehensive overview and analysis of Turkey's internal and external changes and provides elements of a new European and American policy toward a key strategic partner.
Table of Contents
Prefacep. xi
The Erosion of the Kemalist Modelp. 1
The Kemalist Model of Shaping Politics and Societyp. 3
The Awakening of Society: Between Tradition and Modernityp. 11
The Slow Adaptation of the Political Systemp. 24
The Myth of National Homogeneity and the "Kurdish Reality"p. 37
The Revival of Political Islamp. 55
Toward a New Sociopolitical Synthesisp. 85
Turkish Foreign and Security Policy after the Cold Warp. 93
Central Asia and the Caspian Basin: Energy, Business, and Kinshipp. 97
The Middle East: Between Involvement and Active Engagementp. 117
The Balkans: Old Challenges, New Opportunitiesp. 146
Relations with Greece and the Cyprus Problemp. 163
Europe: Still the "Desired Land"?p. 181
Turkey in the Western Security System: Asset or Liability?p. 202
European and American Policy toward Turkeyp. 221
The Current Situation: Policies, Motives, and Limitationsp. 223
The Challenge: Anchoring Turkey in the Westp. 236
Notesp. 249
Indexp. 295
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