Third Advances in Solar Physics Euroconference : magnetic fields and oscillations : proceedings of a meeting held in Potsdam/Caputh, Germany, 22-25 September 1998 /
edited by B. Schmieder and A. Hofmann and J. Staude.
San Francisco, Calif. : Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 1999.
xxvi, 354 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
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San Francisco, Calif. : Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 1999.
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pt. 1. Magnetic fields and oscillations -- pt. 2. Coordination of SOHO and ground-based observations -- pt. 3. Observing techniques, solar data bases, and the 1999 eclipse.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Table of Contents
Conference participants
High Resolution Spectropolarimetry and Magnetographyp. 3
Magnetic Field Diagnostics from Microwave Circular Polarization Inversionp. 23
Fast Numerical Methods for Polarized Line Radiative Transfer in the Presence of Hanle Effectp. 28
Liquid Crystal Imaging Stokes Polarimeterp. 33
Flux Tube Dynamicsp. 38
Physics of Thin Flux Tubes in a Partially Ionized Atmospherep. 55
Interaction of Convective Structures with the Magnetic Field of Solar Poresp. 60
Some Advances in 3D-Magnetic Field Topology: an Observed Case of a "Bald Patch" Flarep. 65
On the Role of Magnetic Flux Ropes for Helicity Injection and Ejection in the Solar Coronap. 70
The Magnetic Topology of a Twisted Force-Free Configuration in an Active Regionp. 76
Observed Magnetic Structure of X-Ray Bright Points from TRACE and MDIp. 81
Mass Motions and Magnetic Fields in Penumbraep. 86
Running Penumbral Waves in Sunspotsp. 103
Determination of the Velocity Vector Field in an Asymmetric Sunspot Based on Vector Magnetograph Measurementsp. 108
Sunspot Oscillationsp. 113
Oscillations of Sunspot Magnetic Fields: MDI Observations of a Symmetrical Sunspotp. 131
Characteristics of MHD Oscillations Observed with MDIp. 136
New Results of 2D-Spectroscopy of Sunspots - Temporal Variations of the Magnetic Fieldp. 141
Transition Region Oscillations in a Sunspot Regionp. 146
Oscillations in Active Regions - Diagnostics and Seismologyp. 151
Acoustic Imaging and Subsurface Structure of Solar Active Regionsp. 171
Velocity and Temperature 5 Minute Oscillations as Functions of Geometrical Height in the Photospherep. 176
(Inter-) Network Structure and Dynamicsp. 181
Chromospheric Oscillations Observed by SUMER/SOHOp. 201
Wave Modes in a Chromospheric Cavityp. 206
Spatial and Temporal Relations between Magnetic Elements and Bright Points in the Photospheric Networkp. 211
EIT Micro-Variability Studies: Preliminary Results from the SOHO JOP 80 Campaignp. 217
Flux, Evolution and Velocity Pattern of Solar Intranetwork Magentic Fieldsp. 222
MHD Waves in Chromospheric Network Bright Pointsp. 227
Propagating Magneto-Acoustic Waves in the Networkp. 232
Nonlinear Waves in Thin Flux Tubesp. 238
MHD Waves in Open Magnetic Structuresp. 243
Wave Heating and Nonlinear Dynamics of Coronal Loopsp. 248
Nonlinear Fast MHD Waves in Open Coronal Magnetic Structuresp. 253
Multiwavelength Analysis of Network Bright Points - Coordinated Observations SOHO-GBO JOP #37p. 261
EUV Observations of Sunspot Regions with CDS on SOHOp. 266
SUMER Observations of Intensity Oscillations in the Transition Region of a Sunspotp. 271
Magnetic Field Evolution and Topology of an ARp. 276
Interactions of Magnetic Loops in the Active Region NOAA8088p. 281
The Time Variable Solar Atmosphere - Dynamical and Variable Active Region Loops Observed with CDS on SOHOp. 286
The Role of "Magnetic Dips" and "Bald Patches" for a Filament Observed by SOHO and GBOp. 291
Coordinated Prominence Observations by SOHO and Ground-Based Observatoriesp. 296
Long-Term Magnetic Evolution of an AR and its CME Activityp. 302
The Determination of Seeing, Isoplanatic Patch Size and Coherence Time by Solar Shadow Band Rangingp. 309
High Cadence Digital Full Disk H[alpha] Patrol Device at Kanzelhohep. 314
Fiber Optics Device for Solar Spectroscopy - First Measurementsp. 319
An Effective, Low-Cost Architecture for Remote Observing and Distributed Data Analysis Over the WANp. 324
New Technologies for Data Storage: the DVD and Beyondp. 329
Polar Magnetic Field Depth as Derived from SoHO EIT Polar Plumes Observationsp. 334
Past Achievements and Prospects 10 Months before Totality Dayp. 339
Final Status of Preparation of the Observational Programme for 1999 Total Solar Eclipse in Bulgariap. 344
Preparations for the Last Total Solar Eclipse of the Millennium in Turkeyp. 348
Author indexp. 353
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