The Visionary hand : essays for the study of William Blake's art and aesthetics /
edited and with an introduction by Robert N. Essick.
Los Angeles : Hennessey & Ingalls, 1973.
xviii, 558 p. : ill., facsims. ; 24 cm.
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Los Angeles : Hennessey & Ingalls, 1973.
Bentley, G.E. Blake books, A1583
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Pt. I: Blake's techniques of relief etching: sources and experiments. From Nollekens and his times (1828) / J.T. Smith. From Life of William Blake (1863) / Alexander Gilchrist. "New mode of printing" (1784) / George Cumberland. Letter to his brother (1784) / George Cumberland. From The cyclopaedia (1819) / Abraham Rees. From The handmaid to the arts (1764) / Robert Dossie. The techniques of William Blake's illuminated printing (1948) / Ruthven Todd -- Part II: Critical essays on Blake's art and aesthetics. The engravings of William Blake and Edward Calvert (1917) / Laurence Binyon. Blake's "Ancient of Days": the symbolism of the compasses (1938) / Anthony Blunt. Blake's drawings for the Book of Enoch (1940) / Allan R. Brown. The sources of Blake's pictorial expression (1941) / C.H. Collins Baker. A title page in Blake's illustrated Genesis manuscript (1947) / Piloo Nanavutty. Poetry and design in William Blake (1951) / Northrop Frye. The dating of William Blake's engravings (1952) / David V. Erdman. The Blakean aesthetic (1954) / Hazard Adams. A drawing of the Last Judgment (1957) / Albert S. Roe. Blake's Shakespeare (1964) / W. Moelwyn Merchant. The eidetic and the borrowed image: an interpretation of Blake's theory and practice of art (1964) / Joseph Burke. Blake's "God Judging Adam" rediscovered (1965) / Martin Butlin. "A most outrageous demon": Blake's case against Rubens (1969) / Edward J. Rose. Poetic and pictorial imagination in Blake's The book of Urizen (1969) / W.J.T. Mitchell. Blake's Night thoughts: interpretations of Edward Young (1970) / Thomas H. Helmstadter. Blake's designs for L'Allegro and Il penseroso (1971) / John E. Grant. Blake's designs for L'Allegro and Il penseroso: thematic relationships in diagram (1971) / Judith Rhodes. Blake's Arlington Court Picture: the moment of truth (1971) / Robert Simmons and Janet Warner. Redemptive action in Blake's Arlington Court Picture (1971) / John E. Grant. Blake and the traditions of reproduction engraving (1972) / Robert N. Essick. Words graven with an iron pen: the marginal texts in Blake's Job (1973) / Jenijoy LaBelle.
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Copy 2 is gift to Victoria University Library. Estate of Northrop Frye. 2004/05/14.
Gift to Victoria University Library (Blake no. 2292). Bentley, G.E., Jr. 2005/10/01.
Includes bibliographical references and index.

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