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Remote sensing in the 21st century : economic and environmental applications : proceedings of the 19th EARSeL Symposium on remote sensing in the 21st century : Valladolid, Spain, 31 May-2 June 1999 /
edited by José Luis Casanova.
Rotterdam ; Brookfield, VT : A.A. Balkema, c2000.
xiv, 610 p. : ill. (some col.), maps ; 26 cm.
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Ninety papers from the June 1999 symposium explore issues covering operational applications and developments of remote sensing using satellites and other technologies. The focus of the volume is on methods of converting the vast amount of data being generated by remote sensing technologies into useful information which can help in the analysis of how to promote economic development while preserving natural resources. The papers cover applications in agriculture, forestry, yield estimation, decertification, geology, forest fires, hazards, hydrology, meteorology, oceanography, and new methodologies including radar and hyperspectral techniques.
Table of Contents
Prefacep. XIII
Keynote lectures
The future ESA Earth-Observation Strategy and ESA's 'Living Planet' programmep. 3
The Council of Europe's EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreementp. 7
Agriculture and forestry
Space-vegetation software: A remote sensing tool for environmental applications at regional levelp. 13
Unsupervised classification's optimizationp. 19
A methodological approach for agricultural statistics by remote sensingp. 23
The role of TM thermal band in describing the state/stress of vegetationp. 31
Drought monitoring of Spanish forests using Landsat TM satellite imagesp. 37
Monitoring of forest change by using multi-temporal satellite datap. 41
Integration of NOAA-AVHRR and meteorological data in a GIS - Application for vegetation monitoring in Castilla y Leon, Spainp. 47
Crop spatial characterization in the 18th aquifer, Spainp. 55
The use of satellite remote sensing imagery for detection of secondary forests on post-agricultural soils: A case study of Tuchola Forest, Northern Polandp. 61
The application of aerial photographs for analysis of landscape diversity in Reserve Grzedy, Biebrza National Park, Polandp. 67
Drought monitoring based on thermal and microwave satellite datap. 75
Irrigated crop identification and surface estimation with Landsat TM imagery in La Mancha oriental region, Spainp. 79
The integration of satellite images and GIS for Omerli Water Basin land use changesp. 87
Geographical analysis using GIS of agrarian land use in the Province of Valladolid in 1997 with own classification on multiband satellite imagesp. 93
Application of remote sensing to the study of oak decline in Aragon, Spainp. 99
Modelisation of the NDVI temporal evolution in forestry of Castilla y Leon, Spain using climatic datap. 103
Consequences of spatial resolution transformations for land-use classificationp. 113
Validation of cloud detection algorithmsp. 119
Measurements of CO[subscript 2] fluxes in Central Spain using the eddy correlation technique: Preliminary resultsp. 125
Selecting a clear-sky model to accurately map solar radiation from satellite imagesp. 131
Radiative Bowen ratio to estimate daily fluxes from satellite imagesp. 139
Investigation of surface characteristics by the synergy of ground observations and NOAA/AVHRR satellite measurementsp. 145
Meteorological radar data processing softwarep. 149
Evaluation and behavior of the aerosol [varepsilon] Angstrom coefficient from spectral solar irradiance measurements in the Gulf of Cadiz (Huelva, Spain) to assess ocean color atmospheric correctionp. 157
Calculation and analysis of erythematic irradiance using experimental data and TOMS ozone datap. 165
Wetland monitoring by the integration of remotely sensed data in a G.I.S. toolp. 175
The use of Earth Observation for monitoring snowmelt runoff from non-alpine basinsp. 183
Three years of mapping irrigation water in the Flumen irrigation district, Spainp. 191
Satellite monitoring in Amudarya river basin hydrologyp. 195
Application of mathematical functions for the monitoring of the small water bodiesp. 199
Generation and integration of thematic documents from satellite images and ground sensors for environmental analysis and managementp. 203
Accurate geodetic positioning of satellite laser ranging stations using a short arc geometric solutionp. 209
Remote sensed image rectification in an automatic wayp. 215
Architecture of a new generation of remote sensing ground segmentsp. 223
'Supervised ART-II' neural network for Landsat TM image classificationp. 229
Mode of spectral angular distribution function extractionp. 237
Correction of the sea wave height measuring results in airborne dual-frequency scatterometer measurementp. 239
Shaping a field of acoustic parametric array in periodic structure with diffuse bordersp. 241
Quality and quantity of ground control points in the orthorectifying processp. 245
Tool for integration and bi-directional conversion of remote sensing datap. 251
Self-organized criticality in the environment and remotely sensed datap. 255
ECEP-ECHO: Extraction and classification of edge pixels in an ECHO approachp. 261
An adaptive soft thresholding method for Speckle noise reduction in Synthetic Aperture Radar imagesp. 267
2-D phase unwrapping in Synthetic Aperture Radar interferometryp. 275
Radiometric characterisation of the olive tree cropsp. 283
Adjustment of the satellite image to the three-dimensional relief modelp. 289
Textural classification using textural signaturesp. 293
The MPNA algorithm for atmospheric correction of satellite imageryp. 299
An automatic method to calibrate Meteosat visible imagesp. 305
Education and research in remote sensing in Algeriap. 311
Forest fires
Forest and fire monitoring with NOAA AVHRR imagery in the Central African Republicp. 319
Building-up a Burned Area Monitoring System based on Earth Observation datap. 325
Remote sensing estimation of fuel moisture contentp. 329
Ground-based infrared characterization of fires in the 3-5 [mu]m spectral windowp. 337
Analysis of the environmental factors in forest wildfires in Aznalcollar and Sierra Bermejap. 343
Temperature maps obtained from satellite images for a forest wildfire temporal evolution analysisp. 349
Automatic mapping of large scale forest fires in Spain using Landsat-TM imagesp. 357
An operational system for the forest fire risk assessment by means of NOAA imagesp. 363
Yield estimation
Estimation of cereal yields combining crop growth models and remotely sensed vegetation indicesp. 371
Integration of satellite data and administrative information in crop yield monitoringp. 379
Operational use of NOAA data for crop condition assessment in Polandp. 387
Monitoring the distribution of shallow landslide-prone areas using remote sensing, DTM and GIS: A case study from the tropical Andes of Venezuelap. 395
Towards an operational monitoring of drought conditions in Spain using satellite imagesp. 403
Land degradation assessment in a semi-arid environment through the use of spectral indices and spectral unmixingp. 407
A study on deposit and erosion phenomena along the southern coast of Sicily using satellite remote sensingp. 415
A mean sea level variation in the Mediterranean using Topex-Poseidon, ERS-1 and ERS-2 altimeter observationsp. 421
Red tides GIS monitoring the Galician Coastp. 427
Location of tuna-fish banks in the Mediterranean Sea using NOAA imagesp. 433
Developing and testing of an atmospheric correction model for water leaving radiance retrieval in the area of the Gulf of Cadiz based on experimental measurementsp. 441
The use of Topex-Poseidon, ERS-1 and ERS-2 altimeters to detect meddiesp. 449
Environmental study in the estuary of river Minop. 455
Applications of SAR images in the western Mediterranean Seap. 461
Pressure ridges extraction using Radarsat fine beam modep. 467
A GIS for the Natural Resources Authority, Amman, Jordanp. 477
Developing a technical computing facility at the Geological Commission in Guyanap. 483
A remote sensing based approach for the restoration of an open-cast coal mine site in Spainp. 491
Discrimination of active alluvial sedimentary surfaces in TM images based on laboratory reflectance spectroscopyp. 497
Lithological and geomorphological large-scale mapping using remotely sensed data, GIS and terrain analysisp. 501
Geomorphological-geological evaluation of the Gazikoy-Saros section of Northern Anatolian Fault zone using remotely sensed datap. 509
Radar and hyperspectral techniques
Optical indices as bioindicators of forest condition from hyperspectral CASI datap. 517
Metric relations in INSAR topographic modellingp. 523
Advanced polarimetric SAR data classification for cartographic information extractionp. 533
A model for atmospheric correction of DAIS hyperspectral imager sensor based on experimental optical measurementsp. 541
Refined adaptive speckle filtering for SAR imagesp. 549
Textural classification using textural signaturesp. 557
SAR imagery in urban areap. 563
Scale evolution due to hydrodynamic modulation of SAR imagingp. 569
A unified approach to change analysis and despeckle of multitemporal ERS-1p. 573
List of participantsp. 583
Author indexp. 591
Colour platesp. 593
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