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Historical atlas of ancient America /
Norman Bancroft Hunt.
New York : Checkmark Books, 2001.
191 p. : col. ill., col. maps.
0816047839 (acid-free paper)
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New York : Checkmark Books, 2001.
0816047839 (acid-free paper)
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Includes index.
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First Chapter
When Christopher Columbus landed on the Caribbean islands, he found tribes of people still firmly rooted in the Stone Age. Within decades, however, Spanish explorers made contact with cultures in the Mesoamerican isthmus which lay beyond the Caribbean that possessed far greater technological prowess.
The Historical Atlas of Ancient America describes in vivid detail the highly developed religious, political, economic, and agricultural systems of the wealthy and highly influential Aztec and Maya civilizations, along with those of their predecessors, the Olmec and Toltec. Key features include superb full-color photographs of temples, towns, and artifacts; timelines that compare developments in Mesoamerica to those in the rest of the world; and specially created maps that highlight the movements and influences of the Mesoamerican people and identify their major social and cultural centers.
Coverage includes:
Introduction: Origins of Mesoamerican culture
The Olmec: The ideal of noble birth; kings and deities; the creation of writing and calendrical systems
The Olmec Interregnum: Huastec culture; links between landscape and
The Rise of the Maya: Tikal, the Great Pyramid; awareness of geometry; trade contacts
The Classic Maya: Sacred architecture; jaguar thrones; Palenque, Temple of the Inscriptions
Building Empires: Temple of Quetzacoatl; Pyramids of the Sun and Moon; City planning and urbanization
New Beginnings: Military versus mercantile prowess; glorification of a warrior class; Toltec expansion; importance of the priesthood
The Aztecs: Usurpers of an old throne; MontezumaÕs visions; the arrival of Cortez; Spanish dominance.
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When Christopher Columbus landed on the Caribbean islands

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