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Probation and parole : theory and practice /
Howard Abadinsky.
Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice-Hall, c1977.
xiii, 431 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
0137159536 :
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Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice-Hall, c1977.
0137159536 :
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Table of Contents
Prefacep. xv
Acknowledgmentsp. xvii
About the Authorp. xix
Probation and Parole in Criminal Justicep. 1
The Reality of Criminal Justicep. 1
American Criminal Justicep. 3
What Is a Crime? Who Is a Criminal?p. 5
Index Crimesp. 6
Responding to Crimep. 7
Classical Viewp. 8
Neoclassicalismp. 10
Positive Viewp. 11
The American System of Criminal Justicep. 12
Entering the Systemp. 12
Pretrial Court Appearancesp. 13
Pretrial Hearingsp. 13
Trial or Guilty Pleap. 14
Sentencingp. 15
Appealsp. 16
Probation and Parole: Why Bother?p. 16
Key Terms
Internet Connections
Review Questions
Juvenile Court and Juvenile Justicep. 20
The History of the Juvenile Courtp. 20
Houses of Refuge and Orphan Asylumsp. 21
The Child Saversp. 22
The Juvenile Court Emergesp. 22
Procedures in the Juvenile Courtp. 25
Intakep. 26
Preliminary Hearingp. 31
Adjudicatory Hearingp. 35
Predisposition Reportp. 36
Disposition Hearingp. 36
Status Offendersp. 51
Juvenile Court Judgesp. 53
Juveniles in Criminal Courtp. 54
Blended Sentencep. 57
Legal Decisionsp. 57
Key Terms
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Juvenile Probation, Institutions, and Aftercarep. 61
Juvenile Dispositions and Their Administrationp. 61
Probation Supervisionp. 62
Day Treatmentp. 69
The Group Homep. 70
Residential Treatment Centerp. 71
Training Schoolp. 75
The Youth Authorityp. 78
Aftercare and Parolep. 82
Administration of Juvenile Servicesp. 88
In the Criminal Courtp. 89
Key Terms
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Probation and the Courts: History and Administrationp. 91
Court Systems: Federal and Statep. 91
Jurisdictionp. 91
The State Courtsp. 92
Federal Courtsp. 94
Probation Historyp. 96
Early Probation and John Augustusp. 96
Early Probation Statutesp. 97
Probation at the Turn of the Twentieth Centuryp. 97
Administration of Probationp. 98
Granting Probationp. 103
Conditions of Probationp. 105
Length of Supervisionp. 109
Violation of Probationp. 111
Preliminary/Probable Cause Hearingp. 114
Revocation Hearingp. 115
Street Timep. 117
Legal Decisionsp. 118
Conditions of Probationp. 118
Probation Violation and the Three Theories of Probationp. 119
Key Terms
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Sentencing and the Presentence Investigation (PSI)p. 123
Requiring a PSI Reportp. 123
Purposes of a PSI Reportp. 123
Content of a PSI Reportp. 127
Gathering Information for the PSIp. 128
Interviewsp. 128
Review of Records and Reportsp. 129
Short- and Long-Form PSI Reportsp. 130
Sentencing Guidelines, Mandatory Sentences, and the Classical PSIp. 135
Plea Bargaining and the Pre-Plea Investigationp. 164
Confidentiality of the PSI Reportp. 166
Criticism of the PSI Reportp. 167
Key Terms
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American Prisons and Community-Based Correctionsp. 174
America's Prison Crisisp. 174
Origins of the American System of Prisonsp. 176
Pennsylvania: Walnut Street and Other Early Prisonsp. 177
Pennsylvania After Walnut Streetp. 179
Auburn Systemp. 180
Convict Laborp. 181
The Big Housep. 184
Correctionsp. 185
Correctional Institutions: Divisions, Rebellions, and Riotsp. 185
Atticap. 188
Just Deserts: Contemporary Correctional Institutionsp. 190
Infectious Diseasesp. 192
Drug-abusing and Mentally Ill Inmatesp. 193
Prison Violencep. 194
Prisons and the Courtsp. 196
Community-Based Correctionsp. 197
Prisons for Profitp. 200
Key Terms
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Parole and the Indeterminate Sentencep. 205
Transportation to Americap. 205
Maconochie and Norfolk Islandp. 206
Crofton and the Irish Systemp. 206
Developments in the United Statesp. 207
Elmira Reformatoryp. 207
Indeterminate Sentence and Parolep. 208
Positivism Reemerges as the Medical Modelp. 209
Indeterminate and Determinate Sentencingp. 213
Determinate Sentencing, Prosecutorial Discretion, and Disparate Justicep. 216
The "Why?" of Parolep. 218
Key Terms
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Parole Administration and Servicesp. 222
Administration of Parole Servicesp. 222
Conditional Releasep. 223
The Parole Boardp. 224
Parole Board Proceduresp. 226
Victim Participationp. 232
Parole Board Proceduresp. 234
Parole Board Guidelinesp. 234
Parole Services-Institutionalp. 235
Parole Services-Fieldp. 241
Conditions of Parolep. 245
Length of Supervisionp. 245
Violation of Parole/Conditional Releasep. 250
Preliminary Hearingp. 254
Revocation Hearingp. 257
Street Timep. 261
Parole Services: Executive Clemencyp. 262
Reprievep. 263
Commutationp. 263
Pardonp. 263
Legal Decisions Affecting Parolep. 267
Parole Release and Parole Hearingsp. 267
Parole Violation and the Three Theories of Parolep. 269
Parole Board Liabilityp. 271
Key Terms
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Rehabilitation and Supervision in Probation and Parole
Rehabilitation: Theory and Practicep. 276
Theoryp. 276
Psychoanalytic Theoryp. 277
Stages of Psychological Developmentp. 277
Crime and the Superegop. 279
Psychoanalytic Treatmentp. 280
Social Caseworkp. 281
Assessmentp. 282
Evaluationp. 283
Interventionp. 284
Learning Theory/Behavior Modificationp. 286
Reality Therapyp. 291
Group Workp. 293
Sociological Theoryp. 295
Anomiep. 295
Differential Associationp. 296
Delinquent Subculturesp. 297
Neutralizationp. 298
Differential/Limited Opportunityp. 299
Social Control Theoryp. 300
Driftp. 301
Labelingp. 301
Conflict Theoryp. 302
Key Terms
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Review Questions
Probation and Parole Officersp. 305
The Tasks of Probation/Parole Officersp. 305
Probation/Parole Officer Roles and Agency Modelsp. 306
The Probation/Parole Officer as an Agent of Rehabilitationp. 308
The Probation/Parole Officer as Broker or Advocatep. 309
The Probation/Parole Officer as Law Enforcement Agentp. 309
Should Probation/Parole Officers Make Arrests and Carry Firearms?p. 313
Probation and Parole Officers: The Powers of Search and Seizurep. 317
Selecting Probation and Parole Officersp. 318
Personal Qualitiesp. 319
Volunteersp. 320
Probation/Parole Officer Legal Liabilityp. 324
Key Terms
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Probation and Parole Supervisionp. 326
Classification in Probation and Parolep. 326
Risk/Needs Assessmentp. 326
Probation/Parole Supervisionp. 331
Case Assignmentp. 332
Initial Interviewp. 333
Pretrial Supervisionp. 338
Ongoing Supervisionp. 341
Offender Employmentp. 346
The Stigma of Convictionp. 349
Restorative and Community Justicep. 353
Restorative Justicep. 353
Community Justice/"Broken Windows"p. 356
Key Terms
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Special Problems and Programs in Probation and Parolep. 360
Substance-Abusing Clientsp. 360
Methadone Treatmentp. 361
Behavior Modificationp. 362
Therapeutic Communityp. 363
Chemical Dependency Programsp. 365
Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymousp. 365
Drug Testingp. 367
HIV/AIDSp. 369
Federal HIV/AIDS Specialistsp. 370
New York State Division of Parole AIDS Caseloadsp. 370
Sex Offendersp. 371
Texas Sex Offender Caseloadp. 374
Hunt County Sex Offender Unitp. 374
Maricopa County Sex Offender Programp. 376
Jefferson County Juvenile Sex Offender Unitp. 376
New Haven Sex Offender Intensive Supervision Unitp. 377
Orange County Probation Department Adult Sex Offender Unitp. 379
Intoxicated Driversp. 380
Nassau County DWI Unitp. 380
Offenders Who Are Mentally Retardedp. 381
Cuyahoga County (Cleveland), Ohio, Mentally Retarded Offender Unitp. 381
Erie County Special Probation Servicesp. 381
Gang Intervention Unitp. 382
Restitution and Community Servicep. 383
Community Servicep. 384
Probation/Parole Feesp. 386
Discussionp. 387
Work Releasep. 389
Halfway Housesp. 390
Massachusetts Halfway Houses, Inc.p. 392
St. Leonard's Housep. 392
Hopper Homep. 393
Interstate Adult and Juvenile Compactsp. 393
Key Terms
Internet Connections
Review Questions
Intermediate Punishmentsp. 402
Intensive Probation/Parole Supervisionp. 404
Florida Community Controlp. 404
Georgia Intensive Probation Supervisionp. 405
Cook County (Chicago, Illinois) Juvenile Intensive Probation Supervisionp. 405
New York and Coloradop. 406
Somerset County (Pennsylvania) Day Report Intensive Probation Programp. 406
Lucas County (Toledo, Ohio) Juvenile Intensive Probation Supervisionp. 407
Dauphin County (Pennsylvania) Intensive Juvenile Probationp. 407
Texas Intensive Supervision Programp. 407
Intensive Supervision: Research Findingsp. 409
Californiap. 409
Georgiap. 410
Louisianap. 411
Minnesotap. 411
New Jerseyp. 412
New Yorkp. 412
Ohiop. 413
Washington Statep. 413
Wisconsinp. 414
Discussionp. 415
Electronic Monitoringp. 418
Discussionp. 422
Shock Probation/Parolep. 423
Shock Incarceration/Boot Campp. 423
Discussionp. 427
Day Reporting Centersp. 431
Key Terms
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Probation and Parole in the Twenty-First Centuryp. 433
Probation and Parole: Success or Failure?p. 433
Felony Probationp. 436
Goals of Probation and Parolep. 437
Where Have We Been, Where Are We Now, and Where Are We Going?p. 440
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