Geologic atlas of China : an application of the tectonic facies concept to the geology of China /
Kenneth J. Hsü and Chen Haihong ; assisted by Sun Shu, Wang Qingchen, and Li Jiliang.
1st ed. 1999.
Amsterdam ; New York : Elsevier, 1999.
1 atlas (xvi, 262 p., 21 leaves of plates (some folded)) ; maps (some col.) 31 cm.
0444828478 (alk. paper)
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Amsterdam ; New York : Elsevier, 1999.
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0444828478 (alk. paper)
general note
"The title of the Chinese edition of this study is Tectonic-facies map of China, 1:4,000,000, with explanatory text on the tectonic evolution of China"--Pref. to the English edition.
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Translated from Chinese. Some maps in English and Chinese.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Review Quotes
Ken Hsü claims that this book 'is not a book for reading, it is an encyclopedia of information'. Most people will draw the same conclusion from the title alone. However, much of this very personalized volume makes surprisingly interesting reading, because in addition to providing the first comprehensive English synthesis of the geology of China, the book is also a platform for Hsü to promote his own tectonic philosophies and to recollect on his own unique career straddling eastern and western scientific cultures. It will serve as a useful starting point for investigating the geology of any part of China. In addition, with time and much further study, the Geologic Atlas of China may prove to be a classic of modern tectonic thinking and synthesis. Geological Magazine, Vol. 137, No. 6 D. Cunningham ...A critical understanding of the atlas requires basic knowledge in geology and plate tectonics theory, thus the book may be recommended to students at different levels of education, lecturers in geology and geophysics and specialists, particularly those dealing with global paleogeographic reconstruction. Pure and Applied Geophysics M. Lewandowski
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Main Description
Part 1 covers the origin of mountains and tectonic facies mapping, and discusses the geologic thinking on orogenesis, the archipelago model of orogenesis, and the making of a tectonic facies map. Part 2 interprets the geology of the Greater Tibet in terms of the backarc evolution of two archipelagos and their collision. Part 3 defines the Paleozoic archipelagos of North China by delineating their magmatic front. The tectonic evolution of North China is interpreted on the basis of archipelago model of orogenesis. Part 4 discusses the geology of Central China in terms of its collision with two archipelagos, North China and South China. Part 5 covers the geology of South China in terms of the back arc evolution and plate collision, pointing out that the terrains underlying South China are deformation belts, not a platform. Part 6 discusses the geology of NE China and SE coastal China in terms of a plate collision. Part 7 handles the Phanerozoic history of China through a summary of the geologic evolution of the various map units in this geologic Atlas. The paleogeographic evolution of China provides a temporal perspective for the understanding of the geology of China. The Atlas includes 24 atlas sheets and numerous text figures.
Table of Contents
Part and chapter headings: Origin of Mountains and Tectonic Facies Mapping
Evolution of Geological Thinking on Orogenesis
The Archipelago Model of Orogenesis
The Making of a Tectonic Facies Map of China
The Greater Tibet
A Collage of Two Archipelagos
The Paleozoic Frontal Arc of Kunlun
The Paleozoic Archipelago on the Southern Margin of Cathaysia
The Late Paleozoic and Mesozoic Island-Arc and Archipelago of Cathaysia
The Frontal Arc of Gondwanaland and the Tibetan Archiepalgo
A Summary of the Tectonic Evolution of Tibet and Adjacent Regions
North China
The Paleozoic Archipelagos of North Asia
The Magmatic Front of Angara
The North China Archipelago of Arcs and Basins
A Summary of the Tectonic Evolution of North China
Central China
One or Two Cathaysian Plates?
The Archipelago Orogenesis on the Southern Margin of North China
The Tectonic Evolution of the Southern Margin of North China
South China
The Paleozoic Archipelago of South China
The Paleozoic Archipelago-Orogenesis of South China
The Tectonic Evolution of the Western Margin of South China
A Summary of the Tectonic History of South China
Pacific China
Late Mesozoic and Cenozoic West Pacific Tectonics
The Nadanhada Orogenic Belt
Phanerozoic History of China
A Summary of Map Units
Paleogeographic Evolution of China
Farewell to Geology
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