The Transfer of power 1942-7;
editor-in-chief Nicholas Mansergh, assistant editor E. W. R. Lumby.
London, H.M.S.O., 1970-1983.
12 v. facsims., col. maps. 28 cm.
0115800166 (v. 1)
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London, H.M.S.O., 1970-1983.
0115800166 (v. 1)
contents note
v. 1. The Cripps Mission, January-April 1942.--v. 2. Quit India, 30 April-21 September 1942.--v. 3. Reassertion of authority, Gandhi's fast, and the succession to the Viceroyalty, 21 September 1942-12 June 1943.--v. 4. The Bengal famine and the new Viceroyalty, 15 June 1943-31 August 1944.--v. 5. The Simla Conference, background and proceedings, 1 September 1944-28 July 1945.--v. 6. The post-war phase: new moves by the Labour Government, 1 August 1945-22 March 1946.--v. 7. The cabinet mission, 23 March-29 June 1946.--v. 8. The interim government, 3 July-1 November, 1946.--v. 9. The fixing of a time limit, 4 November 1946-22 March 1947.--v. 10. The Mountbatten Viceroyalty, formation of a plan, 22 March-30 May 1947.--v. 11. The Mountbatten Viceroyalty announcement and reception of the 3 June plan 31 May-7 July 1947.--v. 12. The Mountbatten Viceroyalty, princes, partition, and independence, 8 July-15 August 1947.
general note
At head of title: Constitutional relations between Britain and India.
Beginning with v. 5, assistant editor P. Moon.
On spine: India; the transfer of power 1942-7.
Unpublished documents drawn either from the official archives of the India Office in the custody of the India Office Records or from the private collections of the Viceregal papers in the India Office Library.
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