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A Collection of ethnographical articles on the California Indians /
edited by Robert F. Heizer.
Ramona, Calif. : Ballena Press, c1976.
i, 103 p. : ill., map, ports. ; 28 cm.
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Ramona, Calif. : Ballena Press, c1976.
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Indians of northwestern California: Ray, P. H. Manufacture of bows and arrows among the Natano (Hupa) and Kenuck (Klamath) Indians. Goddard, P. E. Wayside shrines in northwestern California. Fry, W. S. Humboldt Indians.--Indians of central California: Stone, E. C. Indian spearers in California. Townsend, C. H. Spearing salmon from a shaded booth. Redding, B. B. Prehistoric treasures. Sargent, L. Indian dances in northern California. Washington, F. B. Customs of the Indians of western Tehama County. Powers, S. Aboriginal botany. Hudson, J. W. A so-called aboriginal tool. Noble, W. B. A day with the Mono Indians. Merriam, C. H. Indian village and camp sites in Yosemite Vallye. Kroeber, A. L. Yokuts names. Acken, C. S. How Indians caught wild pigeons. Anonymous. The Indians of the Tulare Lakes.--Indians of southern California: Rios, R. A legend of Taquish Peak. Rust, H. N. Rogerio's theological school. Hall, S. M. The burning of a Mohave chief. Allen, G. A. Manners and customs of the Mohaves. Bourke, J. G. Notes on the cosmogony and theogony of the Mohave Indians of the Rio Colorado, Arizona. Hefferman, W. T. Medicine among the Yumas.
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