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‏משנה תורה. Mishneh Torah.
Maimonides, Moses, 1135-1204.
[Roma?] : [Shelomoh bar Yehudah and Ovadiah bar Moshe], 147-?
[347] leaves ; (fol.).
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uniform title
[Roma?] : [Shelomoh bar Yehudah and Ovadiah bar Moshe], 147-?
Goff Heb-76
Hain 10522
Offenberg 87
St. CB 6513.1
general note
Colophon at end of book 7 (leaf [182] verso): "va-tekhal melekhet ʻavodat ha-kodesh ha-shivʻah sefarim ha-rishoni' ʻal yedei ha-meḥokeki' Shelomoh bar Yehudah ve-Ovadiah bar Moshe H'[ashem] yezakenu lehatḥil ve-lehashlim ha-ḥetsi ha-aḥaro' ve-sefari' aḥeri' le-ḥaim ve-leshalo'."
local note
Fisher Friedberg copy: All rebound in one volume. First 20 leaves and final 21 leaves wanting, with first and final page supplied in photocopy. With owner's signature and inscription on a number of pages: leaf 182 verso: Hebrew - "Lo shamar H'[ashem] et Shabtai [...]; ke-mar ke-ma; ani shab; sheli Shabtai Beniventi [.] bereshit;" and in Italian - "S Sequesto libro se[...]." Leaf [212] verso: Hebrew - "A ; Ani Shabtai Beniventi yts"v; ani Shlomoh Beniventi yts"v; ani Menaḥem Beniventi yts"v;" and in Italian - "Jo Sabbato Benevento [.....] Siena;" "Questo libro s(?)ie [....]." Leaf [267] verso: Hebrew - "[...] Shabtai Beniventi yts"v; [...] Shabtai Beniventi yts"v [....]" and the rest is illegible; and Italian - "Se questo libro; Se questo libro si perdesse et il nome del Prono [?] non si sapesse legere, il nome abreviato SB di me Sabbato Benevento, Siena." With multiple "corrections" to text throughout; with added headings in manuscript on many pages; and with drawings of a pointing hand, indicating particular sections on leaves [42-43].
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