Neurobiology of mastication--from molecular to systems approach /
editors, Yoshio Nakamura, Barry J. Sessle.
1st ed.
Amsterdam ; Oxford : Excerpta Medica, 1999.
xvii, 525 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
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Amsterdam ; Oxford : Excerpta Medica, 1999.
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"Based on the proceedings of a symposium on the "Neurobiology of Mastication--from Molecular to Systems Approach" held on 19-21 November 1998 at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo, Japan."--Preface.
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Table of Contents
Introduction: The process of masticationp. 3
The role of second messengers in gustatory transduction mechanismp. 23
Olfactory transductionp. 35
Ligand binding sites and subunit composition of the ionotropic glutamate receptorsp. 42
Inhibitory control of excitatory transmissionp. 56
Effect of amiloride on the taste responses of the frog glossopharyngeal nerve to Ca, Mg and Na saltsp. 73
NADPH-diaphorase in the brainstem trigeminal sensory nuclear complexp. 76
Whole-cell voltage-clamp recordings from feline odontoblastsp. 79
Low-voltage activated calcium conductances in neonatal rat trigeminal motoneuronsp. 83
Effects of serotonin on spike afterhyperpolarization in rat trigeminal motoneuronsp. 86
Expression of IGFs, IGF receptors, myoD family and acetylcholine receptors during the postnatal development of rat skeletal musclesp. 89
Expression of glutamate receptors in trigeminal neurons during postnatal developmentp. 93
Trigeminal motoneurons, interneurons, and the control of neuronal dischargep. 99
Electrophysiological properties of facial motoneuronsp. 116
Development and modulation of glycinergic synaptic transmission to hypoglossal motoneuronsp. 128
Discharge pattern of the superior salivatory nucleus in the rat: in vivo and in vitro studiesp. 139
Modulation of calcium channels by neuropeptides in submandibular ganglion neuronsp. 149
Effect of norepinephrine on trigeminal activity, using an isolated brainstem preparationp. 161
Ionic currents in odontoblasts and dental pulp cellsp. 165
Electrophysiological identification of the submandibular superior salivatory nucleus (SSN) neurons in the ratp. 169
Oxidative and glycolytic enzyme activities of rat masticatory motoneuronsp. 172
Processing of nociceptive inputs from different tissues to the spinal trigeminal nucleus and release of immunoreactive substance Pp. 177
Subtypes of oral mucosal nociceptors: an in vitro study in ratsp. 189
Contribution of jaw muscle spindles to the control of masticationp. 201
Morphologies of masticatory motoneurons and muscle spindle afferentsp. 213
Principalis and oralis premotoneurons for the cat trigeminal motor nucleusp. 227
Ultrastructure of axon terminals contacting periodontal and spindle afferentsp. 241
Glutamate, GABA, and glycine immunoreactive terminals on cat masseter motoneuronsp. 245
The trigemino-tecto-olivo-cerebellar projection in the ratp. 249
Effects of changing of occlusal height on mastication in the rabbitp. 253
Tooth pulp inflammation modulates inferior alveolar nerve-driven neurons' responsivenessp. 256
Response of adrenal nerve activity to mechanical stimulation of the teeth in ratsp. 259
Influence of jaw position on evoked potentials from the sternocleidomastoid musclep. 263
A method for determining muscle spindle afferent input to motoneurons in the human masseterp. 266
Physiological evidence in support of a direct projection by jaw muscle spindle afferents to the caudal medulla in the anaesthetized ratp. 270
Are trigeminal premotor interneurones part of the masticatory central pattern generator?p. 277
Hypoglossal premotor neurons with respiratory-related activityp. 299
Ontogenetic analysis of brainstem mechanisms of ingestive activities in vitrop. 312
Fiber types and their functional role in mammalian masticatory musclesp. 327
Reflex control of masticatory muscles in manp. 337
Dental robotics: synthetic approach to mastication sciencep. 354
A quantitative analysis of the dendritic organization of cat trigeminal motoneuronsp. 373
Effects of cerebellar ablation on the timing of muscle force control in the rabbitp. 376
Alternating activities of masseter and digastric muscles in growing rats fed a kneaded dietp. 379
Effects of stimulation in the hypothalamus on jaw reflexesp. 383
Effects of basal-ganglia stimulation on rhythmic jaw movements in the rabbitp. 387
Striatal region that induces jaw muscle activity in response to electrical and receptor microstimulation in the ratp. 390
Inhibition of rhythmic jaw movements by brainstem stimulation in the rabbitp. 394
Reticular neurons for rat rhythmical jaw movementsp. 397
Anatomical evidence suggests that digastricus pars occipitomandibularis muscle of the rabbit receives a trigeminal nerve motor innervationp. 399
Stretch reflex-like response in superior head of the human lateral pterygoid musclep. 403
Simulation of human masticatory jaw movement by minimum-jerk modelp. 407
Effects of bite-opening on myosin heavy chain expression in rat masseter musclep. 411
Dependence of the recruitment and co-contraction of jaw muscles on the bite pointp. 414
Magnetic motor-evoked potentials in the masseter muscle during voluntary extensionp. 419
Behavioral changes of postcontraction errors in bite-force productionp. 422
Jaw muscle activities induced by tooth pulp stimulation change with agingp. 425
Human jaw movement accelerations in passive closing and in open/close boundary state during experimental gum chewingp. 428
Modulation of facial nerve discharge by tactile facial stimulation in the ratp. 432
New evidence for initiation of swallowing from the pharynxp. 435
Anatomical basis for information processing in masticatory behaviorp. 441
Cortical neuronal activity in taste-related ingestive behavior in ratsp. 460
Integration of tooth-pulp pain at the level of cerebral cortexp. 471
Face primary motor cortex and somatosensory cortex: input and output properties and functional interrelationships in the awake monkeyp. 482
Function of the orofacial SI during mastication in awake cats: changes in masticatory movements and activities of mastication-related neurons in motor cortices following a lesion in the orofacial SI in awake catsp. 494
Role of cortical inputs and brainstem interneuron populations in patterning masticationp. 504
Different roles of primary motor and ventral premotor cortex in jaw movementsp. 515
Neuromagnetic analysis of cortical activity associated with voluntary jaw movementp. 518
Index of authorsp. 521
Keyword indexp. 523
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