The Globe and mail [microform].
[Toronto : Globe and Mail, [19--]-
microfilm reels : ill. ; 35 mm.
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    v.93 (Nov. 1936) - 2011, Sept.
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    AN G568
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abbreviated title
pub. began/ended
Vol. 93, no. 27,120 (Nov. 23, 1936)-
[Toronto : Globe and Mail, [19--]-
general note
Imprint varies slightly.
Library has: Globe (Toronto, Ont. : Daily) 1844+ AN G568.
National ed. filmed separately.
Section B, Report on business, also filmed separately.
Title from original caption.
catalogue key
Original published: Toronto. Issued in Metro and National eds., Oct. 1980?- . Merger of: Globe (Toronto, Ont. : Daily); and: Mail and empire.

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