Youth crime, deviance, and delinquency /
edited by Nigel South.
Aldershot, Hants ; Brookfield, Vt. : Ashgate, 1999.
2 v. (xxv, 572; xxii, 595 p.) : ill. ; 25 cm.
1855217856 (hc.)
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Aldershot, Hants ; Brookfield, Vt. : Ashgate, 1999.
1855217856 (hc.)
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v. 1. Theories and debates -- v. 2. Empirical studies and comparative perspectives
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Long Description
In volume one of this valuable addition to The International Library of Criminology, Criminal Justice and Penology, the reader is provided with a sequential 'unfolding' of the theories and debates about youth crime, deviance and delinquency. The selection of articles for volume two represents the history of empirical investigation within this field. Principally this is a history reflecting one of the ironies of a developing modernity, that 'youth' as a social category, has been seen as a source of both promise and problems. Combined together, these two volumes offer an informative insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the youth deviance research field.
Unpaid Annotation
Presents a two-volume set of essays, selected for their status as classics, for their use in reviewing the field, for their insight on neglected areas, and for their critiques of the dominant discourses in the field. Chapters were originally published as journal articles from the 1950s through the 1990s. Volume I provides a sequential unfolding of theories and debates about youth crime, deviance, and delinquency, and Volume II offers material which provides a sense of the history of empirical investigation of youth crime, deviance, and delinquency. Sections in Volume I cover classic perspectives, synthesis and critique, and old and new issues in theorizing youth crime. In Volume II, chapters are in sections on the delinquent and the gang in history, youth crime and delinquency in Western liberal society, comparative perspectives, and images of youth crime at the end of the century.
Main Description
Combined together, these two volumes offer an informative insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the youth deviance research field.
Table of Contents
Theories and Debate
Classic Perspectives
Development and Commentaries: Chicago criminologists
Epidemiology and individual conduct: a case from criminology
Illegitimate means, anomie and deviant behaviour
Lower class culture as a generating milieu of gang delinquency
The delinquent gang as a near-group
A new theory of delinquency and crime
Delinquent subcultures: sociological interpretations of gang delinquency
Techniques of neutralization: a theory of delinquency
Juvenile delinquency and subterranean values
The sociology of the deviant act: anomie theory and beyond
Hellfire and delinquency
Mods, Rockers and the rest: community reactions to juvenile delinquency
Delinquency theory and recent research
Debate, Synthesis and Critique
Alternative strategies for the development of delinquency theories applicable to other cultures
Youth crime in post industrial societies: an integrated perspective
Delinquency and the age structure of society
The paradigmatic crisis in delinquency theory
A structuralist critique of the IQ delinquency hypothesis: theory and evidence
An integrated theoretical perspective on delinquent behaviour
Settling accounts with subcultures: a feminist critique
Youth, the family and the regulation of the informal: some notes on problems and prospects in youth culture theory
The web of conformity: a network approach to the explanation of delinquent behaviour
Play theory of delinquency: toward a general theory of 'action'
Foundations for a general strain theory of crime and delinquency
From Modernity to Late Modernity: Some Old and New Issues in Theorizing Youth Crime
Lawlessness, modernity and social change: a historical appraisal
On the invisibility of the female delinquent peer group
The logic of definition in criminology: purposes and methods for defining 'gangs'
Grasping at straws: the idealization of the material in liberal conceptions of youth crime
Teenage kicks: urban narratives of dissent not deviance
Mobilisation through interpellation: James Bulger, juvenile crime and the construction of moral panic
Wheelin' and stealin'
In search of the high life: drugs, crime, masculinities and consumption
Empirical Studies and Comparative Perspectives
The 'Delinquent' and The 'Gang' in History
Innocence and experience: the evolution of the concept of juvenile delinquency in the mid-nineteenth century
Tribute, turf and honor and the American street gang: patterns of continuity and change since 1820
From Post-War to Post-Industrial: Youth Crime, Deviance and Delinquency in Western Liberal Society
Gangs and delinquent gangs in London
Cats, kicks and color
The social integration of queers and peers
The Kennedy-Johnson years, social theory and federal policy in the control of juvenile delinquency
Race, sex and gangs: the molls
The saints and the roughnecks
The effects of public labelling
Religion and delinquency: the ecology of a 'lost' relationship
Residence and territoriality in Chicago gangs
Gender, peer group experiences and seriousness of delinquency
Crime, youth unemployment and the black urban underclass
Fraternities and rape on campus
Live fast and die young: the construction of masculinity among young working-class men on the margin of the labour market
Crime, youth gangs and urban transition: the social dislocations of post industrial economic development
Comparative Perspectives
Delinquent gangs in cross-cultural perspective; the case of Cordoba
On the validity of official statistics: a comparative study of white, black and Japanese high school boys
Protest, unrest and delinquency: convergences in label and behaviour
Them and Us: a comparison of the cultural context of American gangs and British subcultures
Religiosity, religious climate and delinquency among ethnic groups in The Netherlands
Delinquency and disdain: social capital and the control of right-wing extremism among East and West Berlin youth
School uniforms, routine activities and the social control of delinquency in Japan
Flawed jewels and national dis/order: narratives on adolescent dissent in Japan
Street youths, bosozoku and yakuza: subculture formation and societal reactions in Japan
Criminalising survival: images and reality of street children
Images of Youth Crime, Deviance and Delinquency at Fin de Si├Ęcle
Youth gangs: a 1990s perspective
Girls, gangs and violence: anatomy of a backlash
Urban graffiti: crime, control and resistance
Local heroes: violent racism, localism and spacism among Asian and white young people
Homeboys, dope fiends, legits and new jacks
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