Robot control 1991 (SYROCO '91) : selected papers from the 3rd IFAC/IFIP/IMACS Symposium, Vienna, Austria, 16-18 September 1991 /
edited by I. Troch, K. Desoyer, and P. Kopacek.
1st ed. --
Oxford ; New York : Published for the International Federation of Automatic Control by Pergamon Press, 1992.
xv, 564 p. : ill. ; 31 cm. --
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Oxford ; New York : Published for the International Federation of Automatic Control by Pergamon Press, 1992.
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Table of Contents
Invited Paper
Adaptive Interfaces for Robotsp. 1
Modelling and Identification
Comparison of Descriptor Models and Reduced Dynamic Models for Constrained Robotsp. 9
Dynamic Model Simplification of Industrial Robot Manipulatorsp. 15
Robotics in Space: Disturbances of Payloadsp. 21
On the Statistical Modelling of Mechanical Manipulatorsp. 27
Minimum Dynamics Parameters of Robot Modelsp. 33
Self-tuning Control of a Commercial Manipulator Based on an Inverse Dynamic Modelp. 39
Off-line Identification/Estimation of Parameters for Two D.O.F. SCARA Robotp. 45
On the Mathematical Modeling of ROV'sp. 51
Modelling and Control of Frictional Effects
Coulomb Friction and Simulation Problemsp. 55
Position Control for Elastic Pointing and Tracking Systems with Gear Play and Coulomb Friction and Application to Robotsp. 61
Friction Compensation Via Disturbance Observerp. 71
Topics on Inverse Kinematics
Direct Kinematics of the Reverse Stewart Platform Mechanismp. 75
A Solution to the Generalized Inverse Kinematic Problemp. 81
A Fast Algorithm for Inverse Kinematics of Unsolvable Manipulators - Semi-iterative and Semi-analytic Methodp. 87
Issues in Acceleration Resolution of Robot Redundancyp. 93
Resolving Redundancy Through a Weighted Damped Least-squares Solutionp. 99
Backwards Solution of an Eight-degrees-of-freedom Kinematic Structurep. 105
Advanced Control Concepts
Six Degree-of-freedom Task Space Control for the PUMA 560 Manipulator: An Experimental Studyp. 111
Robust Control of Robot Manipulators with Fast Dynamicsp. 117
Sensitivity Analysis of Robot Control Systems Based on Disturbance Observersp. 123
Model-based Force Sensing for an Industrial Robot by Using Drive Signalsp. 129
Advanced Industrial Robot Control Using Extended Kalman Filterp. 135
On Line Discrete-time Control of Industrial Robotsp. 141
Point-to-Point Motion of Robotic Manipulators: Dynamics, Control Synthesis and Optimizationp. 149
Adaptive 'PD+' Control of Rigid Robot Manipulatorsp. 153
Passivity of Robot Dynamics in Learning Controlp. 159
A Fuzzy Expert Tuner for Robot Controllerp. 165
Self-tuning Self-organising Fuzzy Robot Controlp. 171
Hybrid Force-position Control for Robots in Contact with Dynamic Environmentsp. 177
On the Stability of a Force/Position Control Scheme for Robot Manipulatorsp. 183
An IJC Based Force-position Control of a Robot Armp. 189
Software System for Simulation and Control Synthesis of Robots for Metal Machining Processesp. 195
Force Control for Tracking a Set of Tasks in Presence of Constraintsp. 201
Control of Hydraulic Robots
On the Model-based Control of a Hydraulic Large Range Robotp. 207
CAD and Implementation of Digital Controllers for the Fast TUD-hydraulic Test Robot Manipulatorp. 213
Nonlinear Control of a Hydraulic Robotp. 219
Path Planning for One Robotic Arm
Minimal Power Consumption for an Industrial Robot with 6 Axesp. 225
Object Contour Surface Generation for Robotic Applicationsp. 231
Optimal Scheduling of Functional Points of a Trajectory Generalization to Cluttered Environmentp. 237
Predictive Control of a Manipulator in a Cluttered Environmentp. 243
Uncertainty Modelling in Configuration Space for Robotic Motion Planningp. 247
Fast Collision-free Motion-planning for Robot Manipulators Based on Parallelized Algorithmsp. 253
Path-planning Solution Based on a Potential Field Non Uniformly Distributedp. 259
Mobile Robots
A Stochastic Control Framework for Moving Vehicles in Changing Environmentsp. 265
A Neural Controller for Mobile Robotsp. 271
Computational Complexity of Path Planning Algorithms Based on Safe Triangles and Quadtree as Work Space Representation: A Comparisonp. 277
Control Architecture for an Electrical, Actively Balanced Multi-leg Robot, Based on Experiments with a Planar One Leg Machinep. 283
Multiple-Arms Robots
An Object-directed Pathplanning System for Multiple Robots with Singularity-coping Propertiesp. 291
Flexible, Online Collision Avoidance in Multi-robot Systemsp. 297
Collision Avoidance of the Delft Intelligent Assembly Cellp. 303
A Control System for Two Robot Arms Coordinationp. 309
Heuristic Decentralized Control of Multi Arms Coordinated Systemsp. 315
Modelling and Control of Flexible Robots
Slenderness of Flexible Robot Links: Dynamic Model Selectionp. 321
Simulation of Robots with Flexible Linksp. 327
Dynamic Modelling of Industrial Manipulator Jointsp. 333
Energy Based Determination of Identifiable Parameters of Flexible Link Robotsp. 339
An Extended Load Compensation Method to Control Flexible Joint Robotsp. 345
Composite Computed Torque Control of Robots with Elastic Motor Transmissionsp. 351
A PD Control Law for Trajectory Tracking of flexible Joint Robotsp. 357
Path Following for a Flexible Joint Robotp. 363
Adaptive Trajectory Tracking for Flexible Joint Manipulators Without Joint Acceleration Measurementp. 369
Dynamic Control of Flexible Joint Robots with Constrained End-effector Motionp. 375
Quasi-static Compensation of Force Errors for Flexible Manipulatorsp. 381
On the Control of the Flexible Manipulator Armp. 387
Iterative Learning Control of a One-link Flexible Manipulatorp. 393
State-feedback Controller for a Two-degree-of-freedom Flexible Robot Armp. 399
Flexibility Control of a Lightweight Robot Arm Modulep. 405
Computational Aspects
Analytical Calculation of the Feedforwards up to Their Second Derivatives and Realization of an Optimal Spatial Spline Trajectory for a 6-DOF Robotp. 411
Feasibility of Parallelization of Nonlinear Feedback Method of Robot Arm Controlp. 417
Transputer Network Controls Robot Axesp. 423
Software Tools for Simulation and Control
ROPSIM, A Robot Off-line Programming and Real-time Simulation System Including Dynamicsp. 429
Simulation Environment for Robot Control Designp. 435
Program Package for Generation of Control Laws for Robot Manipulators in Symbolic Formp. 441
An Expert System for Robotic Arc Welding Aluminium Alloysp. 447
ADP - An Arc Welding Diagnosis and Planning Aidp. 451
Sensors and Their Application
Force and Torque Sensorial Subsystem of Robot Wristp. 457
Robot Control System Using Slip Displacement Signal for Algorithm Correctionp. 463
Accommodation Based on the Compliant Robot Wrist with Six D.O.F. Displacement/Force Sensing Capabilityp. 469
Active Sensing Strategies with Non-contact Compliant Motions for Constraint Based Recognitionp. 475
An Optoelectronic System for Force-torque Sensing and Feedback Algorithms Processingp. 481
A New Measurement System for Advanced Modelling and Identification for Robot Controlp. 487
Controlling the Relative Position Using Coherent Ultrasonicsp. 495
New Methods for Detecting Moving Obstacles Using a Passive 3-D Visual Sensorp. 501
Closed Loop Robot Control by Real Time Visual Sensorp. 507
Robot Control Using Stereo Eyes in Hand Techniquep. 513
Proximity Matrix Sensor Image Processingp. 519
High Bandwidth Orientation Measurement and Control Based on Complementary Filteringp. 525
A Runaway Protection System for Robots Based on Acceleration Measurementsp. 531
Investigations on Lightweight Industrial Robotsp. 537
Control Algorithm and Controller for the Direct Drive Delta Robotp. 543
Robot Sapiens on the Move to ... Personal Robotsp. 551
Author Indexp. 559
Keyword Indexp. 561
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