Classical influences on European culture A.D. 1500-1700 : proceedings of an international conference held at King's College, Cambridge, April 1974 / edited by R.R. Bolgar.
International Conference on Classical Influences, King's College, Cambridge, 1974.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, c1976.
xviii, 383 p., [8] feuillets de planches : ill., plans
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Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, c1976.
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Français, allemand, anglais ou italien.
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Comprend des références bibliographiques et un index.
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These studies illustrate the different ways in which the Renaissance made use of its classical heritage, and how a variety of techniques were employed to transform the material that could be derived from the ancient classics so that it could serve the social and cultural purposes of Renaissance man. The scope of the volume covers discussions of catalogues and editions of humanist works; the humanist contribution to the art of discourse; humanism and religion; humanism and political thought; and finally the contribution of the humanists to the useful and fine arts. This volume consists of papers delivered at the second conference on Classical Influences held at King's College, Cambridge, in 1974. This book should be of interest to specialists in classical studies, Renaissance studies and the history of literature and ideas, and specialists in French, German and Italian studies. The last three articles will also interest art historians.
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The papers in this 1974 volume, illustrate the different ways in which the Renaissance made use of its classical heritage, and the variety of techniques employed which transforms material derived from the ancient classics that serves the social and cultural purposes of Renaissance man. This volume will interest specialists from classical, Renaissance, French, German and Italian studies.
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Catalogues and Editions of Humanist Works
1500-1700: the bibliographical problem. A continental S. T. C.?
Neo-Latin satire: sermo and satyra menippea
A anthology of Renaissance Latin verse: problems confronting the editor and compiler
The Humanists in the Renaissance
La première querelle des 'anciens' et des 'modernes' aux origines de las Renaissance
The Humanist Contribution to the Arts of Discourse
Reflections on Ravisius Textor's Specimen Epithetorum
Commonplace rhapsody: Ravisius Textor, Zwinger and Shakespeare Walter
Commonplace of law, proverbial wisdom and philosophy: their importance in Renaissance scholarship (Rabelais, Joachim du Bellay, Montaigne)
Montaigne's 'Sur des vers de Virgile': taboo subject, taboo author D. Coleman; 9.Humanism and dialectic in sixteenth-century Cambridge: a preliminary investigation
Poetics, rhetoric, and logic in Renaissance criticism
Lucan in der Kritik des 16. und 17. Jahrunderts
Petrus Lotichius Secundus and the Roman elegists: prolegomena to a study of Neo-Latin elegy
From the Ciceronianus to Montaigne
Humanism and Religion
The humanist idea of Christian antiquity and the impact of Greek patristic work on sixteenth-century thought
John Colet, his manuscripts and the ps. - Dionysius
Erasmus, the early Jesuits and the classics
Juan Vivès and the Somnium Scipionis
Vivès, lecteur et critique de Platon et d'Aristote
Zur Rolle der Mythologie in der Literatur des Siglo de Oro
The development of religious scepticism and the influence of Isaac La Peyrère's pre-Adamism and Bible criticism
Humanism and Political Thought
Livy > Tacitus
Vivere sotto i tiranni: un tema tacitiano da Guiccardini a Diderot
Utilisation et critique de La Politique d'Aristote dans La Republicque
The Contribution of the Humanists to the Useful and the Fine Arts
Die antike Literatur als Vorbild der praktischen Wissenschaften im 16. und 17.
Les Loges de Raphaël: répertoire à l'antique, Bible et mythologie
Criticism of ancient architecture in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
Baroque architecture and classical antiquity
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