International Workshop on Exciting Physics with New Accelerator Facilities : SPring-8, Hyogo, Japan : 11-13 March 1997 /
editors Hiroshi Toki, Shin Daté.
Singapore ; River Edge, NJ : World Scientific, c1998.
xii, 289 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
9810236719 (pbk.)
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Singapore ; River Edge, NJ : World Scientific, c1998.
9810236719 (pbk.)
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"EXPAF97"--P. [v].
"This workshop was organized as a joint event with the Tamura Fund and thus also as the Fifth Tamura Symposium"--P. vii.
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This volume discusses the exciting physics with new accelerator facilities, which are being constructed or proposed in various places. The facilities are RHIC (Brookhaven), CEBAF (TJINP), SPring-8 (Nishi-Harima), RIBF (RIKEN), JHP (KEK-INS), RIB (MSU), LISS (IUCF) and COSY (Juelich). RHIC aims at the creation of a QCD deconfinement phase and the study of the properties of such matter. CEBAF and SPring-8 use leptons to probe the quark -- gluon structures of hadrons and nuclei. LISS and COSY use high resolution hadron beams to study hadron structures. JHP produces strong secondary hadron beams for hyper-nuclear physics and rare decay studies of basic symmetries. RIBF and RIB produce radioactive nuclear beams for the study of the nuclear structure of unstable nuclei far from beta stability, and astrophysics issues.
Table of Contents
Nucleon Resonances in Nucleip. 3
Physics at the LISS Facilityp. 15
Research at COSYp. 23
Efficient Production of Low-Energy Positrons at SPring-8p. 37
Extraction of GeV Photons with Laser Beam at SPring-8p. 40
Glueball Hunt in [phi] Photoproductionp. 48
[phi] Photoproductions at SPring-8p. 55
The DHG Sum Rule Measured with Medium Energy Photonsp. 65
Instantons and Monopoles for Nonperturbative QCDp. 74
High Resolution Study of Hypernuclei - Tohoku Collaboration at TJNAFp. 86
Color Transparency with Electron and Hadron Beamsp. 95
Nuclear Transparency in a Relativistic Quark Modelp. 104
Eta-Meson Light Nucleus Scattering and Charge Symmetry Breakingp. 111
Suppression of [pi]NN Coupling in the QCD Sum Rulep. 117
RI Beam Factory and the Physics in RIKENp. 125
Clustering and Single Particle Features in Unstable Nucleip. 137
Nuclear Structure Physics at RI Beam Factoryp. 147
Study of Giant Resonances in Stable and Unstable Nuclei in Relativistic RPA with Non-linear Interactionsp. 163
Relativistic Nuclear Scattering and Meson Exchange Interactionsp. 173
A Rigorous Ellis - Jaffe Sum Rulep. 183
Japan Hadron Facilityp. 195
Particle Physics at Japan Hadron Facilityp. 206
Search for Evidence of Deconfinement and Chiral Symmetry Restoration at STARp. 219
Strangeness Production in Relativistic Heavy Ion Experimentsp. 229
Quark-Gluon Plasma - A New State of Matterp. 241
Antiquark Flavor Asymmetry with New Accelerator Facilitiesp. 255
Recent Nuclear Physics Research at IMPp. 261
Concluding Remarkp. 277
Programp. 282
List of Participantsp. 285
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