1492, two worlds of science [kit] : school kit /
Lawrence Hall of Science.
Berkeley, CA : Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California at Bekeley, c1991-1992.
1 sound cassette: Earth spirit, 1 sound cassette: Music from the time of Columbus, 1 box 40 slides: Astronomy of the Americas, 1 box 39 slides: Who "discovered" America?, 1 teacher's resource guide (83 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.), 3 books: Story of Itiba (66 p. : ill.), Astronomy of the Americas (51 p. : ill.), Who "discovered" America? (66 p. : ill.), 3 computer disks (3 3/4 in.): Native American technologies, 2 computer disks (3 3/4 in.): Columbus's voyage, 2 computer disks (3 3/4 in.): Why sail West? ; in container 31 x 23 x 11 cm.
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Berkeley, CA : Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California at Bekeley, c1991-1992.
Books: v.1.: Teacher's resource guide, includes "Misconceptions about Columbus", arguments about the size and shape of the world, the consequences of European colonization, maps, and three computer programs: Why sail West?, Columbus' voyage, and Native American technologies.
This School Program integrates science, mathematics, drama, and social studies in presenting the science and technology of both Renaissance Europe and the Americas, to give a balanced view of human achievements at the time leading up to and following the voyage of Columbus.
v.2.: The story of Itiba, is a play about a Taino girl living in the years just after the landing of Columbus. This volume includes the script, director's notes, set design suggestions and classroom lessons.
v.3.: Astronomy of the Americas, includes classroom lessons about Native American astronomy, masters for handouts, hands-on-activities, a set of 40 color photo slides and Native American music on audio cassette.
v.4.: "Discovered" America?, features lessons about all of the explorers of the Americas. Included are teacher instructions, masters for handouts, hands-on- activities, a set of 39 color photo slides and "Music from the time of Columbus" on audio cassette.
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For teachers of grades 6-12.
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Software for Macintosh computer (must have a hard drive)

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