Śaunakīyā Caturādhyāyikā : a Prātiśākhya of the Śaunakīya Atharvaveda, with commentaries Caturādhyaȳībhāṣya, Bhārgava-Bhāskara-Vr̥tti and Pañcasandhi /
critically edited, translated & annotated by Madhav M. Deshpande.
Cambridge, Mass : Dept. of Sanskrit and Indian Studies, Harvard University : Distributed by Harvard University Press, 1997.
vi, 815 p. ; 26 cm.
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Cambridge, Mass : Dept. of Sanskrit and Indian Studies, Harvard University : Distributed by Harvard University Press, 1997.
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encludes bibliographical references (p. [689]-705) and index.
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A detailed discussion by the editor complements this critical edition and translation of the phonetical treatise (Pratisakhya) of the Saunaka Samhita, one of two versions of the second oldest Indian text, the Saunaka Atharvaveda. The 19th century edition of the text by W.D. Whitney has long been out of date; this reevaluation provides insights into early grammatical thought and helps to re-establish the textual tradition of the Atharvaveda. The book deals with the phonetically correct pronunciation of that text which has received only preliminary treatment thus far. It is also one of the few in its genre.
Table of Contents
Critical Edition of the Saunakiya Caturadhyayika
Description of the Manuscripts
New Features of the Critical Edition of the CA
General Features of the Ancient Indian Phonetics
Phonetics vs. Phonology in Indian Grammatical Tradition
Paninian Impact on the Tradition of the CA
The AV Pratisakhyas and the SAV Text-Transmission
Saunakiya Caturadhyayika
Adhyaya 1, Pada 1
Adhyaya 1, Pada 2
Adhyaya 1, Pada 3
Adhyaya 1, Pada 4
Adhyaya 2, Pada 1
Adhyaya 2, Pada 2
Adhyaya 2, Pada 3
Adhyaya 2, Pada 4
Adhyaya 3, Pada 1
Adhyaya 3, Pada 2
Adhyaya 3, Pada 3
Adhyaya 3, Pada 4
Adhyaya 4, Pada 1
Adhyaya 4, Pada 2
Adhyaya 4, Pada 3
Adhyaya 4, Pada 4
Pancasandhi of Krsnadasa
Bibliography & Abbreviations
Sutra Index
Index of Sanskrit Terms
Index of Texts and Authors
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