Genetic regulation of placental development, and immunology /
edited by Donald Morrish, Richard K. Miller.
Rochester, N.Y. : University of Rochester Press, 1998.
xiv, 408 p. : ill.
1580460321 (alk. paper)
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Rochester, N.Y. : University of Rochester Press, 1998.
1580460321 (alk. paper)
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"Derived from the 13th Rochester Trophoblast Conference ...and the Thomas G. Wegmann Memorial Symposium on Reproductive Immunology, held September 8-12, 1996 in Banff, Alberta, Canada"--Prelim. p.
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This work, the 11th Volume of Trophoblast Research series, comprises collected papers presented to the 13th Rochester Trophoblast Conference (Summer 1996), held for the first time at Banff, Alberta, Canada. This edited volume hopes to recreate the main scientific themes discussed at this meeting for the reader. Established in 1961, the Rochester Trophoblast Conference is the oldest international conference on the placenta, and it became a formal corporate member of the International Federation of Placental Associations at the Banff conference.
Unpaid Annotation
Edited papers presented at the 13th Rochester Trophoblast Conference on the Placenta.
Table of Contents
Genetic Control of Mouse Trophoblast Development - A Reviewp. 1
Prolactin Receptors and Embryonic Development: Gene Expression and Knockout Studies - A Reviewp. 13
Identification of HASH2-Positive Extravillous Trophoblast Cells in the Peripheral Blood of Pregnant Womenp. 23
Dexamethasone Stimulates GAP Junctional Communication, Peptide Hormones Production and Differentiation in Human Term Trophoblastp. 35
Inactivated X-Chromosome as an Interphase Chromosome Chromosome Marker for Evaluation of Mechanisms of Genome Multiplication in the Rat and Rabbit Placental Trophoblast Cellsp. 51
Trophoblast-Specific Regulation of Endocrine-Related Genesp. 65
Role of the [alpha] and [beta] Subunits of Na[superscript +], K[superscript +]-ATPase in Trophectoderm Differentiation and Cavitationp. 87
Molecular Regulation of Uterine Leukocyte Recruitment During Early Pregnancy in the Mousep. 101
Purine Metabolic Disturbances in Adenosine Deaminase Deficient Fetuses and Placentae: A Protective Role for This Enzyme During Murine Developmentp. 121
The Tumor Necrosis Factor Gene Family in Pregnancy - A Reviewp. 139
TGF[beta] Regulation of Trophoblast Function - A Reviewp. 149
The Role of Hepatocyte Growth Factor and its Receptor, c-met, in Placental Development and Fetal Growth Restriction - A Reviewp. 159
Differential Effects of 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-P-Dioxin and Benzo(a)Pyrene of Proliferation and Growth Factor Gene Expression in Human Choriocarcinoma BeWo Cellsp. 177
Nitric Oxide: Implications for Placental Biology - A Reviewp. 193
Prostaglandin Endoperoxide H Synthase (PGHS) -1 and -2 Expression and Activity in Human Chorion and Deciduap. 209
The Human Decidua as a Passage-Way for Trophoblast Invasion - A Reviewp. 229
Transplacental Transport of Water-Soluble Vitamins - A Reviewp. 243
Evidence for Oxygen-Derived Free Radical Mediated Damage to First Trimester Human Trophoblast In Vitrop. 259
Few Autacoids Have a Proven Role in the Physiological Regulation of Fetal Placental Blood Flow - A Reviewp. 279
The Control of Fetal Vascular Resistance in the Human Placentap. 299
Autocoid Synthesis and Action in Abnormal Placental Flows Reviewed: Causative vs. Compensatory Rolesp. 315
Clinical Aspects of Blood Flow Regulation in Human Placentap. 329
Maternal Anemia Results in Increased Proliferation in Human Placental Villip. 339
The Elastic Fiber System in the Human Placenta with Special Reference to Elastic Type Blood Vesselsp. 359
Lipoprotein(a) Deposition in the Uteroplacental Bed and in Basal Plate Uteroplacental Arteries in Normal and Complicated Pregnanciesp. 377
List of Contributorsp. 389
Indexp. 397
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