Zibo : the last great Zen master of China /
translation and commentary by J. C. Cleary.
Berkeley, Calif. : AHP Paperbacks, c1989.
xv, 155 p.
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Berkeley, Calif. : AHP Paperbacks, c1989.
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Bibliography: p. 153-155.
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Appeared in Choice on 1990-09:
Although readers are advised to doubt the accuracy of the word "last" in this book's title, few will dispute the aptness of the word "great." Cleary, perhaps best known as a cotranslator of the koan collection The Blue Cliff Record (1977), has ably selected and introduced a variety of sermons and letters by Zibo, a virtually forgotton Zen master of 16th-century China. Zibo's various uses of Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucian traditions are well conveyed, and genuine insights abound in the teachings Cleary has translated. This book would have benefited, however, from better copyediting. Stumbling blocks exist in the endnotes, apparently the result of condensing and adapting Cleary's doctoral dissertation on Zibo for general readers: several citations here are practically useless because they are incomplete and do not appear in the bibliography. Inconsistently, the Japanese word Zen is used throughout the introduction and translation, while only Chan, the equivalent Chinese term appears throughout the endnotes. Finally, about a dozen significant typos are present, along with a handful of grammatical lapses, chiefly subject-verb errors. Hanyu pinyin romanization has been used throughout, so readers who are accustomed only to Wade-Giles or other systems will have difficulty recognizing even common Chinese names, titles, and terms. For academic and public libraries. -D. R. Eastwood, United States Merchant Marine Academy
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Choice, September 1990
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Table of Contents
Forewordp. ix
Prefacep. xiii
Zibo's Life
They were all people like this ...p. 4
Zibo's Many Namesp. 4
Zibo's Time and Placep. 4
Childhoodp. 6
Earnest Youthp. 6
Dedicationp. 7
Beginner Monkp. 8
Great Doubtp. 8
Yogacara Studiesp. 9
Meeting with a Hidden Adeptp. 10
Meeting with a Famous Public Teacherp. 10
Visits to the Great Buddhist Elders of the Timep. 11
Acceptance in High Societyp. 11
An Encounter with Phony Zenp. 11
Preparing a Successorp. 12
Restorning Templesp. 12
Printing Buddhist Booksp. 13
Saving a Backshderp. 14
Respectabilityp. 15
Fihal Pietyp. 15
How Hanshan Met Zibop. 16
Further Travels of Zibop. 17
Second Meeting with Hanshanp. 18
Hanshan Arrestedp. 19
Hanshan's Final Meeting with Zibop. 19
Zibo's Protestp. 20
Zibo Arrestedp. 21
In Prisonp. 23
Death in Prisonp. 25
Hanshan Sums Upp. 25
Lu Fu's Picture of Zibop. 26
Mr. Cao's Picture of Zibop. 26
Hanshan's Eulogyp. 27
Zibo's Self-Portraitp. 29
Zibo's Lineagep. 30
Zibo's Buddhism
Skill in Meansp. 35
Zen and the Scripturesp. 36
Zen and Buddhist Philosophyp. 37
Zen and Pure Landp. 38
The Three Religions Merging into Onep. 41
Zibo on Taoismp. 43
Zibo and Confucianismp. 44
Zibo, Buddhist Firstp. 45
Zibo on the Problems of Ming Buddhismp. 47
Zibo against Phony Zenp. 49
Zibo on Real Zenp. 52
Zibo in Chinese Buddhist Historyp. 57
Zibo's Teachings
The Medicine of Emptinessp. 67
The Light of Mindp. 70
Worldly Truthp. 75
Knowing and Awakeningp. 78
Comfortably on Firep. 79
Truth is Indescribablep. 80
How to Reach the Pure Landp. 81
Encounters with Guanyinp. 84
The Lightp. 88
Subtle Touchp. 90
Sitting Meditationp. 91
Suffering is a Teacherp. 92
Real Practitioners and Phony Adherentsp. 93
Perception and Dreamp. 94
The Face of Enlightenmentp. 95
Subjectivityp. 95
Blind Views of Buddhismp. 97
Approaching the Treasury of Lightp. 103
Causal Conditions for Enlightenmentp. 104
The Light of the Buddhasp. 106
Entering through the Sensesp. 109
A Dream at Daybreakp. 110
Discipline that Liberatesp. 111
How and When to Travelp. 113
The Value of Adversityp. 114
Adaptable Compassionp. 116
The Process of Delusionp. 117
Dreamingp. 120
A Swindlep. 122
Back to Immediate Awarenessp. 122
Life without Entanglementsp. 124
Urgencyp. 124
The Universal Lightp. 125
Recovering Lost Mindp. 126
A Talk to the Assembly on New Year's Evep. 128
Desirep. 133
Oblivion and Scatteringp. 133
Reciting the Buddha-Namep. 134
Reciting the Buddha-Name Trulyp. 135
Dharanip. 136
On Leaving Homep. 139
Ten Vows of the Universally Good Onep. 140
Four Accomplishments of the Enlightened Teachersp. 141
The Perfection of Meditationp. 145
Bibliographyp. 153
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