Marx's Capital /
[by] Ben Fine.
London : Macmillan, 1975.
76 p. ; 21 cm.
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London : Macmillan, 1975.
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Prepared from courses given at Birkbeck College, University of London.
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Table of Contents
Acknowledgementsp. xi
Preface to the Fourth Editionp. xiii
History and Methodp. 1
Marx's Philosophyp. 1
Methodp. 5
Marx's Economicsp. 9
Issues and Further Readingp. 12
Commodity Productionp. 14
The Labour Theory of Valuep. 15
Labour and Labour Powerp. 22
The Fetishism of Commoditiesp. 25
Issues and Further Readingp. 29
Capital and Exploitationp. 31
Exchangep. 31
Capitalp. 33
Surplus Value and Exploitationp. 36
Absolute and Relative Surplus Valuep. 40
Machinery and Technical Changep. 44
Productive and Unproductive Labourp. 46
Issues and Further Readingp. 48
The Circuit of Industrial Capitalp. 51
The Money Circuit of Capitalp. 51
The Circuit as a Wholep. 53
Issues and Further Readingp. 59
Economic Reproductionp. 61
Simple Reproductionp. 61
Expanded Reproductionp. 63
Social Reproductionp. 70
Issues and Further Readingp. 72
Accumulation of Capitalp. 74
Primitive Accumulationp. 74
The Development of Capitalist Productionp. 79
Competition and Capital Accumulationp. 82
Issues and Further Readingp. 87
Capitalism and Crisisp. 89
Marx's Theory of Accumulation and Crisisp. 89
Possibilities of Crisisp. 91
Accumulation, Crisis and the Development of the Proletariatp. 96
Issues and Further Readingp. 100
The Compositions of Capitalp. 102
The Technical Composition of Capitalp. 102
The Organic and Value Compositionsp. 104
Issues and Further Readingp. 108
The Falling Rate of Profitp. 109
Summary of the Argumentp. 110
The Law as Such and the Counteracting Tendenciesp. 111
The Internal Contradictions of the Lawp. 114
The Empirical Implications of the Lawp. 116
LTRPF and Crisis Theoryp. 118
A Response to Okishiop. 121
Issues and Further Readingp. 125
The Transformation Problemp. 126
From Values to Prices of Productionp. 127
Marx's Transformation and Its Criticsp. 130
Issues and Further Readingp. 134
Merchant's Capitalp. 135
Marx's Category of Merchant's Capitalp. 135
Modified Prices of Productionp. 137
Merchant's Capital at a More Complex Levelp. 139
Issues and Further Readingp. 141
Banking Capital and the Theory of Interestp. 142
Interest-Bearing Capitalp. 143
Money Capital and the Financial Systemp. 144
Interest as an Economic Categoryp. 148
Issues and Further Readingp. 152
Marx's Theory of Agricultural Rentp. 153
Differential Rent 1p. 155
Differential Rent 2p. 157
Absolute Rentp. 160
Issues and Further Readingp. 164
Conclusion: Marxism and the Twenty-First Centuryp. 166
Classp. 167
The State and Globalisationp. 171
Capital's Environmentp. 174
Socialismp. 176
Issues and Further Readingp. 180
Referencesp. 182
Indexp. 191
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