Advances in maxillofacial imaging : selected proceedings of the 11th Congress of the International Association of Dentomaxillofacial Radiology and the 3rd International Congress and Exposition on Computed Maxillofacial Imaging, Louisville, Kentucky, June 21-27, 1977 /
editor-in-chief, Allan G. Farman ; scientific editors, Axel Ruprecht, S. Julian Gibbs ; assistant managing editor, William C. Scarfe.
Amsterdam [Netherlands] ; New York : Elsevier, 1997.
xix, 482 p. : ill. cm.
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Table of Contents
The International Association of Dentomaxillofacial Radiology (IADMFR): A synopsis of the first 25 yearsp. 3
Base-enabling technologies for imaging and therapyp. 5
Imaging modalities for maxillofacial diagnosis: a glimpse at the futurep. 15
Practical insights into the imaging of odontogenic lesionsp. 27
Radiology of ameloblastoma in Jamaicap. 35
Maxillary ameloblastoma: a retrospective study of nine casesp. 41
Detectability of intraosseous lesion of jaw bones using intraoral digital radiographyp. 51
A comparison of the accuracy of a direct digital radiographic and conventional film based subtraction system in detecting bony changep. 59
Measurements of bone mineral density in reformatted CT images from axial scansp. 67
Relation of jaw bone mass and tooth loss to general skeletal mineral status in Japanese postmenopausal womenp. 73
Radiographic measurements from the cemento-enamel junction to the alveolar-crest in postmenopausal women: relationships with clinical, dietary and demographic variablesp. 81
Plaque measurement from intra-oral video framesp. 89
A comparative evaluation of Ektaspeed Plus film, Sidexis and enhanced Sidexis images to detect radiographic crestal bone loss from periodontitis using ROC analysisp. 95
The effects of periodontal diseases on mucoperiosteal thickening of the maxillary sinusp. 103
3-D techniques in the planning of implant surgeryp. 111
Reliability of spiral tomography for implant site measurement of the mandible compared with DentaScan computed tomographyp. 119
CT evaluation of postoperative osseointegrated implantsp. 127
Pre-surgical dental implant assessment by magnetic resonance imagingp. 133
3-D CT investigation of mandibular condyle fracturesp. 143
Radiographic correlation of temporomandibular joint and hand changes in patients with osteoarthritisp. 151
Evaluation of temporomandibular joint disk position using direct digital tomographyp. 157
Diagnosis of temporomandibular joint disk displacement: reassessment of subjective diagnosis of displacement by quantitative diagnosisp. 161
Quantitative diagnosis of bone scintigraphy using [superscript 99m]Tc-MDP in temporomandibular disordersp. 165
Analyses of acoustic characteristics and MR image for TMJ with crepitus accompanied by painp. 171
The T2 signal intensity in retrodiscal tissue of painful temporomandibular jointp. 179
Localization of the mandibular nerve and the impacted lower third molar on transversal tomogramsp. 189
A simulation system with 3-D CT images for maxillofacial surgery and prediction of post-operative facial appearancep. 197
Scintigraphic detection of malignant tumors with [superscript 201]Tl-chloride: an investigation incomparison with [superscript 67]Ga-citratep. 205
Skeletal age assessment: Comparative study between cervical vertebrae and hand-wrist maturationp. 215
Are soft tissue profiles accurate predictors of antero-posterior skeletal pattern?p. 223
Ultrasonographic and CT findings of tuberculous cervical lymphadenitisp. 231
Cervical lymph nodes in oral cancer patients: CT and US studyp. 239
Artificial neural networks in evaluating cervical lymph node metastasis on ultrasonographp. 245
The assessment on echogenicity of ultrasonography in normal human parotid and submandibular glandsp. 253
A developmental study of a new type of digital dental x-ray imaging systemp. 265
An endodontic file model to compare geometric and digital unsharpness in dental radiographsp. 271
Development of a digital panoramic x-ray machine using a photon counting x-ray sensorp. 279
Distortion within the image layer of a panoramic radiographic device using a charge-coupled device receptor: experiences with the DigiPanp. 283
Luminance dependency of detectability on CRT displayp. 293
The loss of image quality in digital panoramic radiography using image compressionp. 299
Observer-independent registration technique based on corresponding pointsp. 307
The effect of object motion on the performance of projective standardizationp. 315
Post-surgical periodontal evaluations by long distance teleconferencingp. 325
A case presentation simulating a teledentistry network consultationp. 333
A Markov chain model to plan an oral radiological PACS databasep. 341
Diagnostic ability of film-based digitized and compressed images in diagnosing the mandibular bone destruction by malignancyp. 349
Tuned aperture computed tomography: theory and application in dental radiologyp. 359
3-D imaging in dental radiologyp. 367
Dento-maxillary 3-D image using cross-sectional tomographyp. 373
Automatic selection of variable radiographic examination intervals based upon caries riskp. 385
The radiographic procedures among Brazilian dentistsp. 393
Doses to critical organs from computed tomographyp. 401
Absorbed dose to the parotid glands: spiral CT versus tomographic examinationp. 407
Exploding the myth of diagnostic radiation risksp. 413
Effect of x-ray irradiation on proliferation and differentiation of the osteoblastp. 423
An experimental study on the change of the radiosensitivity of several tumor cell line and primary cultured gingival fibroblastsp. 427
Induced radiation resistance by a long term culture of low dose bleomycin and cis-platinum in seven head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cell linesp. 437
Interstitial brachytherapy for stage I and II squamous cell carcinoma of the oral tonguep. 445
Dental morphology abnormalities seen on panoramic radiographs of long term survivors of childhood malignancyp. 453
Glossary of acronymsp. 461
Author indexp. 469
Index of subject matterp. 475
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