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Christian Spain and Portugal in the early Middle Ages [electronic resource] : texts and societies /
Wendy Davies.
Abingdon, Oxon ; New York : Routledge, [2020]
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9780367345754, 9780429326653
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Abingdon, Oxon ; New York : Routledge, [2020]
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The early middle ages and Spanish identity -- Local priests and the writing of charters in northern Iberia in the tenth century -- Local priests in northern Iberia -- Creating records of judicial disputes in northern Iberia before the year 1000 Exchange charters in the kingdom of Asturias-León, 700- -- Sale, price and valuation in Galicia and Castile-León in the tenth century -- When gift is sale: reciprocities and commodities in tenth-century Christian Iberia -- Countergift in tenth-century northern Iberia -- Notions of wealth in the charters of ninth- and tenth-century Christian Iberia Water mills and cattle standards : probing the economic comparison between Ireland and Spain in the early middle ages -- Free peasants and large landowners in the West -- The management of land-use in Old Castile : the early strands of the Becerro Galicano of San Millán de la Cogolla / with David Peterson -- Gardens and gardening in early medieval Spain and Portugal -- Settling disputes in early medieval Spain and Portugal : a contrast with Wales and Brittany? -- Judges and judging : Truth and justice in northern Iberia on the eve of the millennium -- Boni homines in northern Iberia : a particularity that raises some general questions -- On suretyship in tenth-century northern Iberia.
"A collection of papers in English by one of the foremost historians of the social and economic structure of rural communities, who here examines local societies in rural northern Spain and Portugal in the early middle ages. Principal themes are scribal practice and the analysis of charter texts; gift, sale and wealth; justice and judicial practice. With a focus on practice, on personal relationships and interactions, on mobility and on decision-making, a sense of land and landscape runs throughout. This book offers a substantial corpus of Iberian evidence to set beside Frankish, Italian, English and Scandinavian material and thereby makes it possible for Northern Iberia to play a part in the great debates of early medieval European history that occupy historians"--
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