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Non-referential architecture /
ideated by Valerio Olgiati ; written by Markus Breitschmid.
2nd edition.
Zurich, Switzerland : Park Books AG, [2019]
141 pages ; 19 cm
303860142X, 9783038601425
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Zurich, Switzerland : Park Books AG, [2019]
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Introduction to non-referential architecture. Non-referential architecture ; After postmodernity : non-referential world ; Genealogy of architectonic ordering systems ; The idea in non-referential architecture -- Principles of non-referential architecture. First principle : experience of space ; Second principle : oneness ; Third principle : newness ; Fourth principle : construction ; Fifth principle : contradiction ; Sixth principle : order ; Seventh principle : sensemaking -- Authorship
More than ever, architecture is in need of provocation, a new path beyond the traditional notion that buildings must serve as vessels, or symbols of something outside themselves. Non-Referential Architecture is nothing less than a manifesto for a new architecture. It brings together two leading thinkers, architect Valerio Olgiati and theorist Markus Breitschmid, who have grappled with this problem since their first encounter in 2005. In a world that itself increasingly rejects ideologies of any kind, Olgiati and Breitschmid offer Non-Referential Architecture as a radical, new approach free from rigid ideologies. Non-referential buildings, they argue, are entities that are themselves meaningful outside a vocabulary of fixed symbols and images and their historical connotations. For more than a decade, Olgiati and Breitschmid's thinking has placed them at the forefront of architectural theory. Indispensable for understanding what the future might hold for architecture, Non-Referential Architecture will become a new classic. The book's first edition, published in May 2018 by Simonett & Baer, was sold-out within months. This revised and slightly redesigned new edition makes this key text available again.
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