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From crisis to crisis : debates on why architecture criticism matters today /
editors, Nasrin Seraji, Sony Devabhaktuni, Xiaoxuan Lu.
[Hong Kong] : Department of Architecture, University of Hong Kong, 2019.
215 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), color portraits, plans (some color) ; 24 cm
1948765055, 9781948765053
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[Hong Kong] : Department of Architecture, University of Hong Kong, 2019.
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Criticism today / Eunice Seng. Out of control : from crises to Krisis / Françoise Fromonot ; The role of architectural criticism in post-revolution Iran / Kamran Afshar Naderi ; The blog as online research laboratory / Graham Brenton McKay ; Debate / Eunice Seng (moderator), Françoise Fromonot, Kamran Afshar Naderi, Graham Brenton McKay -- History's role in contemporary criticism : history and criticism / Cole Roskam. Architecture criticism in postwar Japan / Seng Kuan ; On the decay of the art of discrimination and description in architectural writing / Anthony Acciavatti ; Debate / Cole Roskam (moderator), Seng Kuan, Anthony Acciavatti -- Criticism in China : 'from defeat to defeat', 'from victory to victory' / Tao Zhu ; (The crisis of) Chinese whispers : consumption, assemblage aesthetics, and the globalisation of meaning in China / Chris Brisbin ; Cultivating a critical culture : the interplay of time + architecture and contemporary Chinese architecture / Wenjun Zhi, Guanghui Ding ; Debate / Tao Zhu (moderator), Chris Brisbin, Wenjun Zhi -- Reading writing and architectural education / Sony Devabhaktuni. Writing a new discipline / Jonathan Massey ; Who designs the design? / Angelika Schnell ; Debate / Sony Devabhaktuni (moderator), Jonathan Massey, Angelika Schnell -- Closing debate. Lost in translation : the dilemma of Esperanto / Xiaoxuan Lu ; Debate / Cecilia Chu, Xiaoxuan Lu, Eunice Seng (moderators); Anthony Acciavatti, Chris Brisbin, Françoise Fromonot, Seng Kuan, Jonathan Massey, Graham Brenton McKay, Kamran Afshar Naderi, Angelika Schnell, Nasrin Seraji, Wenjun Zhi.
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Includes bibliographical references.
This publication was supported by a design publishing grant from the University of Hong Kong.

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