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Theorising labour law in a changing world : towards inclusive labour law /
edited by Alysia Blackham, Miriam Kullmann, Ania Zbyszewska.
Oxford [UK] ; Chicago, Illinois : Hart Publishing, 2019.
x, 290 pages : 25 cm
9781509921553 (hardback)
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Oxford [UK] ; Chicago, Illinois : Hart Publishing, 2019.
9781509921553 (hardback)
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1. Introduction / Miriam Kullmann, Ania Zbyszewska and Alysia Blackham -- PART A. WORK REGULATION AND THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC ORDER -- 2. Recovering the Impact of Normative Regimes on Labour Relations Practices: A Socio-Historical View of Institutional Requirements / Robert Knegt -- 3. Theorising Labour Law in the State of Exception: Political and Judicial Responses to Crisis / Lisa Rodgers -- 4. Redefining the Boundaries of Labour Law: Is 'Double Alienness' a Useful Concept for Classifying Employees in Times of Fractal Work? / Vincenzo Pietrogiovanni -- 5. Comment: Reconsidering Historical Perspectives Anew – Old Ideas Adapted to New Forms of Work / Nicole Busby -- PART B. REVITALISING THE ROLE OF COLLECTIVE REPRESENTATION -- 6. Back to the Future: Rediscovering the Non-Economic Role, Value and Scope of Labour Law and Collective Labour Institutions in a Changing World / Fotis Vergis -- 7. Trade Unions, the Gig Economy, and the Feminisation of Work: Lessons from the Past? / Rebecca Zahn -- 8. A Socio-Legal History of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers / Manoj Dias-Abey -- 9. Comment: Changing Collective Representation and Action to Meet the Challenges – Historical Lessons and Contemporary Learning / Tonia Novitz -- 10. Comment: Collectivism and Trade Unions (Past, Present and Future) and the New World of Work / Nicola Smit -- PART C. ADVANCING THEORETICAL MODELS TO RESPOND TO THE NEW WORLD OF WORK -- 11. Employment Regulation and Working Time Through the Lens of a Regulatory Space Approach / Cristina Inversi -- 12. Re-Systematising Labour Law: Beyond Traditional Systems Theory and Reflexive Law? / Alysia Blackham -- 13. Argumentative Strategies in the Defence of Labour Law: The Promises of Republican Theory / Anja Eleveld -- 14. Anti-Authoritarian Employment Relations? Labour Law from an Anarchist Perspective / Andrea Iossa -- 15. Challenging Labour Law's 'Productivity' Bias Through a Feminist Lens: A Conversation / Ania Zbyszewska and Supriya Routh -- 16. Comment: Theories of Labour Law Assessed from the Perspective of Reflexive Labour Law / Ralf Rogowski.
"This collection offers critical, nuanced and interdisciplinary insights to build a more inclusive theory of labour law. That is, a theory of labour law that is more inclusive of non-traditional workers (including those in atypical work, or from non-traditional backgrounds); more inclusive of collective approaches to work regulation that foster solidarity between workers; and more inclusive of interdisciplinary and complex explanations of labour law and its regulatory spaces. The chapters all speak to this theme of inclusivity in different ways, and offer different suggestions for how such inclusivity might be achieved. They bring together perspectives from industrial relations, political economy, sociology, gender studies and regulatory theory to break down the silos between legal research and other disciplines, and promote fruitful and inclusive conversations across disciplines. Finally, in the spirit of inclusivity and intergenerational dialogue, the book blends contributions from early career and emerging scholars with those from scholars who are already well established, featuring critical commentary from senior labour law figures alongside theoretically and empirically informed work"--
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