Food colloids : proteins, lipids and polysaccharides /
edited by E. Dickinson, B. Bergenståhl.
Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, 1997.
x, 417 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
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Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, 1997.
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This book records most of the lecture programme at the international conference on 'Food Colloids - Proteins, Lipids and Polysaccharides' held at ... Ystad, Sweden on 24-26th April 1996 -- preface.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Main Description
This new book describes the role of proteins, lipids and polysaccharides in controlling the structure, stability and texture of food colloidal systems, and forms an integral part of the Royal Society of Chemistry's 'state-of-the-art' series of volumes on this subject. Coverage is very thorough, and the book contains a combination of review articles and descriptions of the latest research findings in the field. Topics covered include sensory perception, association and adsorption of emulsifiers, aggregation phenomena, interactions at interfaces, control of gelation, and the making of emulsions and foams. Emphasis is placed on the functional properties of food proteins and their interactions with other food components during processing operations and in stored products. In addition, theoretical and experimental aspects of the relationship between structure and rheology are covered for both model systems and real food products.Food Colloids provides very broad international coverage of the subject and will prove essential reading for graduates and researchers in all areas of food science, as well as surface and colloid science.
Table of Contents
Influences of Processing on Structure-Rheology-Texture Relationships for Colloidal Food Systemsp. 3
Effect of Microstructure on Sensory Perception of Particulate Gelsp. 18
Microstructure as Related to the Water-holding, Textural and Sensory Properties of Emulsion Sausagesp. 29
Association of Emulsifiers in Aqueous Systemsp. 45
On the Stability of Aerated Milk Protein Emulsions in the Presence of Small-Molecule Surfactantsp. 55
Interactions between Sodium Caseinate and Dioleoylphosphatidylcholine on Oil-Water Interfaces and in Solutionp. 67
Effect of Lipophilic Molecules on Food Protein Surface Activity at the Air-Water Interfacep. 77
Monoglyceride Mixed Films: Structure and Stabilityp. 92
Aggregation Processes, Particle Interactions, and Colloidal Structurep. 107
High Pressure Processing of [beta]-Lactoglobulin and Bovine Serum Albuminp. 127
Ultrasonic Characterization of Flocculation in Oil-in-Water Emulsionsp. 137
Measuring Aggregation in Colloids using Ultrasound Velocity and Attenuationp. 150
Structure of Fat Crystal Aggregatesp. 168
Lipid-Protein Interactions - Consequences for Surface Activity in Food Emulsionsp. 185
Forces between Lipid-Coated Interfacesp. 201
[beta]-Casein Adsorbed Layer Structures Predicted by Self-Consistent-Field Modelling: Comparison with Experimentp. 217
Adsorption Behaviour of Caseinate in Oil-in-Water Emulsions: A Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Approachp. 229
Stabilization of Protein-based Emulsions by Means of Interacting Polysaccharidesp. 236
Effect of Neutral Carbohydrate Structure on Protein Surface Activity at Air-Water and Oil-Water Interfacesp. 245
Influence of Protein-Polysaccharide Interactions on the Rheology of Emulsionsp. 259
Deposition and Release of Bare and Protein-covered Polystyrene Latex Particlesp. 266
Alginate Gelation Technologiesp. 279
Understanding Synergistic Polysaccharide Networks using Electron Microscopy and Rheologyp. 294
Protein-Polysaccharide Mixtures: Structure and Effect of Shear Studied by Small-Angle Neutron Scatteringp. 303
Interactions in Mixtures of Gelatin and t-Carrageenanp. 316
Rheology of Protein Gels and Protein-Stabilized Emulsion Gels Cross-Linked with Transglutaminasep. 326
Rearrangements in Acid-Induced Casein Gels during and after Gel Formationp. 335
Emulsion Behaviour of Non-Gelled Biopolymer Mixturesp. 346
Structural Properties of Heat-Set Whey Protein Gelsp. 356
Making Emulsions and Foams: An Overviewp. 367
Influence of Emulsifier Adsorption Kinetics and Emulsification Machine Construction on Dispersity of Oil-in-Water Emulsionsp. 382
Protein-Stabilized Emulsions Prepared by the Microporous Glass Methodp. 393
Subject Indexp. 401
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