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Trans people in higher education /
edited by Genny Beemyn.
Albany : State University of New York Press, [2019]
xxxi, 310 pages ; 23 cm
1438472730, 1438472749, 9781438472737 (hardcover ;), 9781438472744, 9781438472751
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Albany : State University of New York Press, [2019]
9781438472737 (hardcover ;)
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Introduction / Genny Beemyn -- An unescorted male : transcending gender in Southern Women's colleges / Lisa N. Johnston and Caden J. Campbell -- Transitional matriculation : losing (and finding) yourself in higher education / Annabelle Talia Bruno -- Read between the lines : teaching and learning while nonbinary trans / Alandis Johnson -- I am because we are : holding a mirror as a trans educator / S. Simmons -- Do you get to choose how big your penis will be? : transitioning as faculty / C. Ray Borck -- Typing my way out of the cisheteronormative closet at a community college / Kei Graves -- On being (in)visible in the academy : a trans scholar's narrative / Jackson Wright Shultz -- How I see me, how you see me : trans college students navigating gender outside the binary / Kasey Ashton -- Trans college students' experiences : institutional discrimination and empowered responses / Tre Wentling -- Higher educational experiences of transgender binary and nonbinary graduate students / Abbie E. Goldberg -- Get over the binary : the experiences of nonbinary trans college students / Genny Beemyn -- (In)visibility and protest : trans men, trans women, and nonbinary students at New England Women's Colleges / Shannon Weber -- An examination of trans college students' sexual health / James M. Devita and Katrin A. Wesner -- Microfoundations of trans academics' experiences : a sense of paranoia and hypersensitivity / Erich N. Pitcher -- From my absolute worst nightmare to "I couldn't ask for anything more" : transgender individuals' interactions with college administrators, professors, and others with institutional power / Kristie L. Seelman -- Rising like a phoenix : one institution's journey through trans and LGBTQIA inclusion / Matthew Antonio Bosch and Dana Pursley -- A guide to trans terminology.
"More trans students, faculty, and staff are out on U.S. colleges campuses today than ever before. Still, many report enduring harassment and discrimination, and others avoid disclosing their gender identity because they do not feel safe or comfortable at their schools. Trans People in Higher Education is the first book about trans college students, faculty, and staff, and shows that, despite a generally improving environment, trans people continue to face widespread interpersonal and institutional opposition on campuses across the country. This anthology brings together personal narratives and original research, giving readers both individual and large-scale perspectives and providing unprecedented insight into the experiences of trans people in higher education. Among the contributions are the first published studies to focus on nonbinary trans undergraduates and trans graduate students, as well as the largest studies to date of trans students at women's colleges and trans academics. Other groundbreaking contributions examine the sexual health of trans students, the treatment of trans people by individuals with institutional authority, and strategies and lessons learned from one college that successfully became more trans inclusive. Taken together, the chapters illuminate the diversity of trans experiences in higher education, as well as the ways that trans college students, faculty, and staff continue to struggle against discrimination and marginalization." --
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