Burials, migration and identity in the ancient Sahara and beyond [electronic resource] /
edited by M.C. Gatto, D.J. Mattingly, N. Ray, M. Sterry.
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2019.
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Cambridge, United Kingdom ; New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2019.
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Burials, migration and identity: the view from the Sahara / David J. Mattingly, Maria Carmela Gatto, Martin Sterry and Nicholas Ray -- Dying to be Garamantian: burial, migration and identity in Fazzan / David J. Mattingly, Martin Sterry, Nicholas Ray -- Identity markers in the South-Western Fazzan: were the people of the Tanezuft/Tadrart Akakus Region Garamantes? / Maria Carmela Gatto, Lucia Mori and Andrea Zerboni -- Human mobility and identity: variation, diet and migration in relation to the Garamantes of Fazzan / Ronika K. Power, Efthymia Nikita, David J. Mattingly, Marta Mirazon Lahr and Tamsin C. O'Connell -- The Garamantes from Fewet (Ghat, Fazzan, Libya): a skeletal perspective / Francesca Ricci, Mary Anne Tafuri, Francesca Castorina, Fabio Di Vincenzo, Lucia Mori and Giorgio Manzi -- Between the Nile and the Sahara: some comparative perspectives / David N. Edwards -- Isotopic approaches to mobility in Northern Africa: a bioarchaeological examination of Egyptian/Nubian interaction in the Nile Valley / Michele R. Buzon, Sarah A. Schrader, and Gabriel J. Bowen -- Numidian burial practices / Joan Sanmarti, Irene Cruz Folch, Jordi Campillo, David Montanero -- Revisiting first millennium BC graves in north-west Morocco / Emanuele Papi -- Protohistoric and pre-Islamic funerary archaeology in the Moroccan pre-Sahara / Youssef Bokbot -- Burial practices in Western Sahara / Joanne Clarke and Nick Brooks -- Burial and society at Kissi, Burkina Faso / Sonja Magnavita -- Burial practices, settlement and regional connections around the Southern Lake Chad Basin, 1500 BC-AD 1500 / Scott MacEachern -- The linguistic prehistory of the Sahara / Roger Blench -- Berber peoples in the Sahara and North Africa: linguistic historical proposals / Christopher Ehret -- The archaeological and genetic correlates of Amazight linguistics / Elizabeth Fentress -- Concluding discussion / Martin Sterry, David J. Mattingly, Maria Carmela Gatto and Nicholas Ray.
"This ground-breaking volume explores a series of inter-related key themes in Saharan archaeology and history. Migration and identity formation can both be approached from the perspective of funerary archaeology, using the combined evidence of burial structures, specific rites and funerary material culture, and integrated methods of skeletal analysis including morphometrics, palaeopathology and isotopes. Burial traditions from various parts of the Sahara are compared and contrasted with those of the Nile Valley, the Maghreb and West Africa. Several chapters deal with the related evidence of human migration derived from linguistic study. The volume presents the state of the field of funerary archaeology in the Sahara and its neighbouring regions and sets the agenda for future research on mobility, migration and identity. It will be a seminal reference point for Mediterranean and African archaeologists, historians and anthropologists as well as archaeologists interested in burial and migration more broadly"--
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