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BlackLife : post-BLM and the struggle for freedom /
Rinaldo Walcott and Idil Abdillahi.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada : ARP Books, [2019]
103 pages ; 18 cm
192788621X, 9781927886212
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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada : ARP Books, [2019]
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Slavery's Afterlife in Canada: Anti-Blackness and Late Modernity's Enduring Racial Violence -- Black Gifts, Black People: 'Lament for a Nation' and Reading Canada in the Americas -- After Black Lives Matter: Black Death, Capitalism and Unfreedom.
"What does it mean in the era of Black Lives Matter to continue to ignore and deny the violence that is the foundation of the Canadian nation state? BlackLife discloses the ongoing destruction of Black bodies and selves as enacted not simply by state structures, but beneath them into fundamentally modernist ideology that underlies thinking around migration and movement, as Black erasure and death are unveiled as a horrifically permeated acceptability throughout western culture. With exactitude and celerity, Idil Abdillahi and Rinaldo Walcott pull from local history, literature, theory, music, and public policy around everything from arts funding, to crime and mental health--presenting a convincing call to challenge pervasive thought on dominant culture's conception of Black personhood. They argue that artists, theorists, activists, and scholars are not only complicit in the ubiquitous acceptance and enactment of Black death, but will be the first to make necessary change by exposing flawed thought and by thinking and acting into being a new and livable reality of BlackLife."--
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 97-101).

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