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Text and image : proceedings of the 61e Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale, Geneva and Bern, 22-26 June 2015 /
edited by Pascal Attinger [and 10 others] ; editorial layout by Sabine Ecklin.
Leuven ; Bristol, CT : Peeters, 2018.
xxiv, 526 pages : illustrations (some color), maps (some color) ; 33 cm.
9042937130, 9789042937130, 9789042937147
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Leuven ; Bristol, CT : Peeters, 2018.
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Opening sessions. Hommage à Pierre Amiet : Écrit et image dans l'Antiquité orientale/ Ariane Thomas -- Bridging the gap : in retrospect and in prospect / Nicholas Postgate. Papers. Quelques contrats de commandes d'étoffes à Nuzi / Philippe Abrahami et Brigitte Lion -- Demonization of enemies in Mesopotamian literature : a case study in verbal imagery / Nikita Artemov -- Identifying the big bird in the battle reliefs of Ashurnasirpal II / Mehmet-Ali Ataç -- Composite creatures on seal impressions of Nuzi / Benedetta Bellucci -- Herméneutique de l'action pour l'étude des relations entre les entités animées et leur agency au Proche-Orient ancien: Hypatia et alii / Vanessa Bigot Juloux -- The divine "image" and "shadow" in iconography, inscriptions and philology / Daniel Bodi -- La cuisse de Baal : analyse d'un rituel d'intégration / Daniel Bonneterre -- "Of marshes, kings, and rebels" : on the perception and representation of southern Mesopotamian wetlands at the Neo-Assyrian royal court / Sebastian Borkowski -- Bemerkungen zur vermittelnden Gottheit unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der sumerischen Königshymnen / Manuel Ceccarelli -- Beschriftete Hundestatuetten aus Mesopotamien / Nicolas A. Corfù und Joachim Oelsner -- An overview on the excavations at Üçtepe Höyük (ancient Tušḫan) : the 1988-1992 excavation seasons / Şevket Dönmez -- "I was swollen with hunger and he kept me alive" : the imagery of the legal texts from Emar / Lena Fijałkowska -- The Nuzi apprenticeship contracts / Jeanette C. Fincke -- Decreeing fate and name-giving in enūma eliš : approaching a fundamental Mesopotamian concept with special consideration of the underlying assumptions and of the condition of possibility of human knowledge / Gösta Gabriel -- Dating the reigns of Xerxes and Artaxerxes / Gérard Gertoux -- Une nouvelle archive privée d'un marchand de l'époque d'Ur III / Ari Kh. Kamil -- Text als Bild : Graphic Reading am Beispiel der sumerischen Rangstreitgespräche / Fabienne Kilchör und Catherine Mittermayer -- Gilgameš's ghosts : a case for Enkidu's Catalog of the Dead as a manual for apprentice exorcists / John A. Lynch -- Le rapport entre texte et image dans les reliefs de Ḫorsābād : tradition et innovation un siècle et demi après Assurnaṣirpal II / Paolo Matthiae -- Text and architecture: YBC 5022 and BM 15285 as "manuals of an architect" / Natalie N. May -- Construire l'image, dire les rites : essai sur l'iconographie des rituels hittites / Patrick M. Michel -- Estimation and observation : a study of two Old Babylonian tabular administrative documents / Robert Middeke-Conlin -- The movement of text and image within the layout of an envelope throughout Mesopotamian history / Bonka Nedeltscheva -- 'If the earth quakes...': The Nuzi text SMN 3180 / Paola Negri Scafa -- Questions of text and image in ancient Samʼal (Zincirli) / Herbert Niehr -- Dolmens in the Amuq Plain: Kızılkaya survey / Aynur Özfırat -- Textes et images à Nuzi : le cas du scribe Itḫ-apiḫe fils de Taya / Véronique Pataï -- Representations of steles in the palace glyptic of Early Syrian Ebla / Frances Pinnock -- Tigridian royal representation : text and image between tradition and innovation / Beate Pongratz-Leisten -- Ships bringing timber for the palace of Sargon : alternative presentations of reality / Julian Edgeworth Reade -- Identification through image and legend : inscribed seals from Kültepe lower town level II / Melissa Ricetti -- Showing off: Old Babylonian "goddess in a structure" plaques revisited / Elisa Rossberger -- "Dieser Ziegel ist wie Lapislazuli..." : ein bisher übersehenes Bauritual im Kontext der frühen sumerischen Beschwörungen / Nadezda Rudik -- Enūma eliš meets the so-called Babylonian Map of the World : an image and its text / JoAnn Scurlock -- Step by step : correcting our mental image of the mušlālu / Alexander E. Sollee and Johanna Tudeau -- Ninĝirsu, Ninurta und Sirius in sumerischem Kontext / Marie-Louise Thomsen -- All the king's adamindugas : textual images of Ur III sovereigns as managers of the universe / Luděk Vacín -- Hittites in North-Central Anatolia : a compilation of the current evidence / Aslıhan Yurtsever Beyazıt. Workshop : International Relations theory and Ancient Near Eastern history. Introduction to the workshop International Relations theory and Ancient Near Eastern history / Selim F. Adalı and Lucas G. Freire -- Balances of power in the Hatti-Egypt-Mittani system (1400-1300 B.C.) / Serdar Ş. Güner -- System and society: The Near East in the second millennium BCE / Lucas G. Freire -- Reconsidering international relations in Southwest Asia during the Late Bronze Age / Emanuel Pfoh -- A Near Eastern states system before the classical period : comparing the Greek poleis system with ancient Near Eastern state formation / Alex Aissaoui -- What is policy impact? Questioning narratives of political events in the last century of the Assyrian Empire / Selim F. Adalı. Extraordinary session : Strategies for restoration and reconstruction : museums, heritage sites and archaeological parks in post-war countries / Cynthia Dunning, Mohamad Fakhro, Denis Genequand, Mirko Novák.
This book contains the proceedings of the 61e Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale, which was held in Geneva and Bern in Switzerland from 22nd until 26th June 2015. The overarching conference theme "Text and Image" addressed a topic of fundamental importance for historical research on ancient Near Eastern cultures and societies. The aim of the conference was to stimulate an interdisciplinary dialogue between the closely related, but increasingly diverging disciplines of Near Eastern Archaeology and Assyriology. Fifty-one articles are published in three languages, including contributions to the main topic and to a number of workshops organized in the context of the RAI, as well as reports on an extraordinary session devoted to cultural heritage.
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Contributions in English, German, and French.
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Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

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