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Ridley Scott : a biography /
Vincent LoBrutto.
Lexington, Kentucky : University Press of Kentucky, [2019]
x, 267 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
0813177081, 9780813177083, 9780813177106, 9780813177113
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Lexington, Kentucky : University Press of Kentucky, [2019]
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1. Mother's milk: the early life of Ridley Scott -- 2. Brother and brother: boy and bicycle -- 3. The professional: from the BBC to television commercials -- 4. Fencers: The duellists -- 5. Alienation: Alien -- 6. Electric ladyland: Blade runner -- 7. Mythology: Legend -- 8. Noir one/noir two: Someone to watch over me and Black rain -- 9. Male feminist: Thelma & Louise -- 10. Columbus days: 1492 : conquest of paradise -- 11. Adventures not in paradise: White squall -- 12. Not G.I. Joe: G.I. Jane -- 13. Ridley Scott's Spartacus: Gladiator -- 14. You don't say no to "Big Dino": Hannibal -- 15. The burden of men: Black hawk down -- 16. Con job: Matchstick men -- 17. Crusades and romantic comedy: Kingdom of heaven and A good year -- 18. Crime story: American gangster -- 19. I spy: Body of lies -- 20. Revisionist Robin: Robin Hood -- 21. Prequel? Prometheus -- 22. At law: The counselor -- 23. Not Otto Preminger's Exodus: Exodus : gods and kings -- 24. Red: The Martian -- 25. Son of Prometheus: Alien: covenant -- 26. True crime again: All the money in the world.
"With celebrated works such as Alien, Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, and Gladiator, Ridley Scott has secured his place in Hollywood. This legendary director and filmmaker has had an undeniable influence on art and the culture of filmmaking, but is also a respected media businessman. In Ridley Scott: A Biography, Vincent LoBrutto delves into Ridley Scott's oeuvre in a way that allows readers to understand the yin and yang of his exceptional career. Presented is a unique crosscut between the biographical facts of Ridley Scott's personal life--his birth and early days in northeast England, his life in New York City--and his career in Hollywood as a director and producer of television commercials, TV series, miniseries, and feature films. Every film is presented, analyzed, and probed for a greater understanding of the visionary, his personality, and his thought process, for a deeper perception of his astounding work and accomplishments. The voices of cast and crew who have worked with Ridley Scott, as well as the words of the man himself, are woven throughout this book for a fully realized, critical biography, revealing the depth of the artist and his achievements"--
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Includes bibliographical references, filmography, and index.

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