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Leadership and the rise of great powers /
Yan Xuetong.
Princeton, New Jersey ; Oxford : Princeton University Press, [2019]
xvi, 260 pages ; 24 cm
0691190089, 9780691190082
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Princeton, New Jersey ; Oxford : Princeton University Press, [2019]
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1 Morality, Power, and Authority; The Role of Morality in Realism Theory; Levels and Components of Morality; Differences between Power, Capability, and Authority; Influence of Morality and Strategic Credibility; Summary; 2 Leadership and Strategic Preferences; The Role and Types of Leadership; Leaderships of a Rising State and Strategic Preferences; Strategic Credibility and International Leadership; The Principle of Humane Authority; Summary; 3 Corollaries of International Change; State Leadership and Change of Power ConfigurationState Capability, Leadership, and Strategy Preference; International Leadership and Norm Change; Changes in International Order and Systems; Summary; 4 Power Redistribution and World Center; Leadership and Bipolarization; Bipolar Configuration Not Equal to Cold War; Conditions for Forming a World Center; Summary; 5 Leadership and International Norms; Early Studies of Leadership and Norm Change; Types of Leadership and Types of Norms; Change in the Type of International Norms; Summary; 6 International Mainstream Values; Value Challenge and CompetitionDevaluation of Strategic Credibility; Beyond Liberalism; Summary; 7 Transformation of the International System; Component Change versus System Change; Conditions for System Transformation; Political Leadership and System Transformation; Summary; 8 Historical Cases of System Transformation; Ancient Chinese Cases; Cases in Modern History; Summary; 9 Conclusion; Theory Summarization; A New Bipolar World; Appendix: Ancient Chinese Figures; Notes; Selected Bibliography; Index.
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