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Emil von Behring : infectious disease, immunology, serum therapy /
Derek S. Linton.
Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 2005.
xi, 580 pages ; 26 cm.
0871692554, 9780871692559
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Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 2005.
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Machine derived contents note: PART ONE -- Emil von Behring: Infectious Disease, -- Immunology, Serum Therapy -- 1. Introduction 3 -- 2. The Making of a Medical Researcher 17 -- 3. From Bonn to Berlin, from Disinfection -- to Immunology 41 -- 4. From Immunization to Serum Therapy 99 -- 5. Marburg, Further Diphtheria and -- Tetanus Research, the Nobel Prize 197 -- 6. Cradle Songs and Guilty Milk: -- Behring's Tuberculosis Research 258 -- 7. Behring's Last Years: Blood Studies, Hypersensitivity, -- Diphtheria Immunization, and Tetanus 319 -- 8. At Behring's Mausoleum: The Vagaries -- of Reputation and Reasons for Remembrance 388 -- PART TWO -- Selected Writings of Behring on Infectious Disease, -- Immunology, and Serum Therapy -- Introduction to the Selected Writings 433 -- 1. On lodoform and Acetylene 439 -- 2. On the Cause of the Immunity -- of Rats against Anthrax 442 -- 3. On the Formation of Diphtheria Immunity and -- Tetanus Immunity in Animals 450 -- 4. Investigations of the Formation of -- Diphtheria Immunity in Animals 454 -- 5. On Immunizing and Healing Experimental -- Animals with Diphtheria 460 -- 6. The Tetanus Healing Serum and the -- Determination of Its Healing Value 488 -- 7. On Healing Mice Sick with Tetanus 495 -- 8. On the Treatment of Children Sick with -- Diphtheria with the "Diphtheria Healing Serum" 497 -- 9. The Determination of the Value of -- the Diphtheria-Healing Serum 503 -- 10. Serum Therapy in Medical Science and -- the Art of Healing 509 -- 11. Combating Tuberculosis 518 -- 12. Tasks and Achievements of My New -- Diphtheria Protection Drug 534 -- 13. Etiology, Prognosis and Therapy of Tetanus 539.
In 1901 Emil von Behring received the first Nobel Prize in medicine for serum therapy against diphtheria, a disease that killed thousands of infants annually. Diphtheria serum was the first major cure of the bacteriological era & its development generated novel procedures for testing, standardizing, & regulating drugs. Since the intro. of antibiotics, Behring & his work have largely been forgotten. In the first English-language scientific biography of Behring, Derek S. Linton seeks to restore Behring's reputation. He emphasizes Behring's seminal contributions to the study of infectious disease, the formation of modern immunology, & innovative research on specific remedies & vaccines against deadly microbial infections. Behring's research program is placed within the context of Imperial Germany's vibrant scientific culture. This biography explores his complex relations to the rival bacteriological schools of Robert Koch in Berlin & Louis Pasteur in Paris, the emergent German pharmaceutical industry, & the institutionalization of experimental therapeutic research. It also analyzes Behring's collaborations & controversies with leading med. researchers. The second part of the volume contains translations of 13 key articles by Behring & his associates on infectious diseases, immunology, drug testing, & therapeutics spanning 30 years of his remarkable scientific career.
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 551-574) and index.
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