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A declaration of the state of the colony and affaires in Virginia : with a relation of the barbarous massacre in the time of peace and league, treacherously excuted by the natiue infidels vpon the English, the 22 of March last. Together with the names of those that were then massacred; that their lawfull heyres, by this notice giuen, may take order for the inheriting of their lands and estates in Virginia. An a treatise annexed /
written by that learned mathematician M. Henry Briggs, of the northwest passage to the South Sea through the continent of Virginia, and by Fretum Hudson. Also a commemoration of such worthy benefactors as haue contributed their Christian charitie towards the aduancement of the colony. And a note of the charges of necessary prouisions fit for euery man that intends to goe to Virginia. Published by authoritie.
London : Imprinted by G. Eld. for R. Mylbourne, 1622.
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