Powseed 70W universal laptop power adapter.
[China] : ZOZOplus, [2016?]
1 AC adapter ; 7 x 14 x 2 cm + 1 AC power cord (6 feet long) + 14 DC connectors + 1 user manual.
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[China] : ZOZOplus, [2016?]
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70W adapter DC connector tips size and fit laptop models: M4: 18.5V, 3.5A, dimension: 4.8*1.7 mm for HP compatible models; M5: 19V, 2.37A, 3.42, dimension: 5.5*2.5 mm for Toshiba Satellite, Asus compatible models; M6: 19V, 3.16A, dimension: 5.0*3.0 mm with pin for Samsung compatible models; M8: 19.5V, 2A, 3.5A, dimension: 6.5*4.4 mm with pin for Sony VAIO compatible models; M9: 19.5V, 3.34A, dimension: 7.4*5.0 mm with pin for Dell Inspiron compatible models; M11: 20V, 3.25A, dimension: 7.9*5.4 mm with pin for Lenovo Thinkpad compatible models; M12: 18.5V, 3.5A, dimension: 7.4*5.0 mm with pin for HP Pavilion compatible models; M13: 19V,1.58A, 2.31A, 2.37A, dimension: 4.0*1.7 mm for Toshiba Chromebook compatible models; M18: 19V, 2.1A, 2.37A, 3.42A, dimension: 3.0*1.0 mm f or Acer/Samsung/Asus compatible models; M19: 19V, 2.37A, 3.42A, dimension: 4.0*1.35 mm for Asus compatible models; M20: 19V, 3.42A, dimension: 5.5*1.7mm for Acer Aspire, Gateway compatible models; M21: 19.5V, 2.31A, 3.33A, dimension: 4.5*3.0 mm with pin for HP Stream compatible models; M22: 19.5V, 2.31A, 3.34A, dimension: 4.5*3.0 mm with pin for Dell Inspiron compatible models; M27: 20V 3.25A, dimension: 11*5.0 mm square for Lenovo Yoga compatible models.
Model: PA-3700-Z MAX 70W.
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