The Mexican intelligence digital archives (MIDAS).
[Chicago] : Center for Research Libraries, Global Resources Network, 2018.
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[Chicago] : Center for Research Libraries, Global Resources Network, 2018.
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Archivo de la Dirección Federal de Seguridad -- Archivo Sergio Aguayo -- Documentos Mexicanos del National Security Archive.
"The collection is drawn from Mexico's two principal security services, the Dirección Federal de Seguridad (Federal Security Directorate, or DFS) and the Dirección General de Investigaciones Políticas y Sociales (General Directorate of Political and Social Investigations, or DGIPS.) Their materials cover the period c.1940 to c.1985. The release of these archives in 2002 was a major step in Mexico's transition from the authoritarian rule of the twentieth century. MIDAS brings together the Center for Research Libraries, Northwestern University, El Colegio de México and the freedom of speech NGO Artículo 19. The Colegio de México and Artículo 19 contribute to the gathering and processing of documents and the publicization and oversight of the archive. Coordination of the archive's creation and activities will rest with Northwestern's Latin American & Caribbean Studies Center, while the Center for Research Libraries will undertake long-term custody of the digital files to guarantee open access to and maintenance of the archive" -- About page.
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