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Shaping cities in an urban age /
[a joint project of the] London School of Economics and Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft ; edited by Ricky Burdett and Philipp Rode.
London ; New York : Phaidon Press Inc, 2018.
446 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), maps (some color) ; 25 cm
071487728X, 9780714877280
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London ; New York : Phaidon Press Inc, 2018.
contents note
Foreword / Anna Herrhausen.--Dynamics of the urban age / Ricky Burdett, Philipp Rode and Megan Groth.--Urban pragmatics / Joan Clos.--City changes 1990-2015.--Being interlocal / Suketa Mehta.--Congestion, contagion, crime / Edward Glaeser.--Agency of informality / David Satterthwaite.--Rural urbanization / Joshua Bolchover and John Lin.--Problem of ethics and architecture / Jo Noero.--Interior city / Suzanne Hall.--Rupture, accretion and repair / Richard Sennett.--Who owns the city? / Saskia Sassen.--Placemaking in dissonant times / Edgar Pieterse.--New localism / Bruce Katz and Jeremy Nowak.--The city : private or public? / Gerald Frug.--Taxing power / Tony Travers.--Tensions of governance / Michael McQuarrie, Nuno Ferreira da Cruz and Philipp Rode.--Underpowered cities / Tim Moonen, Emily Moir and Greg Clark.--Speed of change / Deyan Sudjic.--Ephemeral urbanism / Rahul Mehrotra and Felipe Vera.--Planning and its discontents / Jose Castillo.--Of systems and purposes / Adam Greenfield.--Digital destinations / Carlo Ratti and Daniele Belleri.--On hold / AbdouMaliq Simone.--Locking-in cities / Nicholas Stern and Dimitri Zenghelis.--Observations and actions / Philipp Rode.--The weight of cities / Maarten Hajer and Mark Swilling.--The role of the state / Susan Parnell.--China's spatial revolution / Mee Kam Ng.--Confronting inequality / Eduarda La Rocque and Petras Shelton-Zumpano.--Can cities be healthy? / Billie Giles-Corti, Hannah Badland and Sarah Foster.--The value of what's not built / Alejandro Aravena.--Urban commons / Jean-Louis Missika and Marion Waller.--Rebuild by design / Henk Ovink.--Steering urban India / Jagan Shah.--What makes a great city great? / Janette Sadik-Khan.--Taming the automated vehicle / Anthony Townsend.--Understanding the grand projet / Kees Christiaanse, Anna Gasco and Naomi Hanakata.--Flexible urbanisms / Ricky Burdett.--Cities today.
general note
"The London School of Economics has been fortunate to find in the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft (AHG) a fellow traveller, with whom we share a passion for cities and social progress. Since 2005, the Urban Age project and the associated LSE Cities research centre has benefited from the patronage of three generations of Deutsche Bank's leadership."
"Shaping Cities in an Urban Age is the third and final addition to Phaidon's hugely successful Urban age series, published in collaboration with the London School of Economics (LSE). Generously illustrated with photographs, visual data, and statistics, and featuring a series of essays written by leading people in their fields, Shaping Cities in an Urban Age addresses our most urgent contemporary and future urban issues by examining a set of key forces that have combined to create the city as we know it today."--Publisher's website.
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