A sourcebook of early modern European history : life, death, and everything in between /
edited by Ute Lotz-Heumann.
Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2019.
xxiv, 305 pages ; 25 cm
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Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2019.
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Picturing witchcraft in late seventeenth-century Germany / by Charles Zika -- Loftur the sorcerer and clerical magic in eighteenth-century Iceland / by Thomas B. de Mayo -- Martin Luther defies Frederick the Wise: a letter from Borna, 1522 / by Heinz Schilling -- Philip Melanchthon justifies magisterial reform, 1539 / by James M. Estes -- The courage to avow the truth: Philip Melanchthon on the interim, 1548 / by Irene Dingel -- 6 july 1535 -- interpreting Thomas More's last words: god or king? / by Marjory E. Lange -- Mansfeld, 1554: follow-up to an ecclesiastical visitation / by Robert Christman -- Reformation mandates for the Pays de Vaud, 1536: how Bernese authorities tried to force their subjects to become Protestants / by James J. Blakeley -- Ministers and magistrates: the excommunication debate in Lausanne in 1558 / By Michael W. Bruening -- Who is in charge? politics, religion, and astrology during the Thirty Years' War / by Sigrun Haude -- Advocating religious tolerance: a Nuremberg letter of 1530 / by Berndt Hamm -- Assuring civil rights for religious minorities in sixteenth-century France / by Raymond A. Mentzer -- Turda, 1568: tolerance Transylvanian style / by Graeme Murdock -- Who suffered? A row in the Dublin privy council, 1605 / by Ute Lotz-Heumann -- Is the throne empty? James II's supposed desertion of 1688 discussed / by Peter Foley (?) -- Dubrovnik: a Catholic state under the Ottoman sultan / by James D. Tracy -- 'The red Jews' and protestant reformers / by Andrew Colin Gow -- Debating the reformation in Torgau, 1522 / by Craig Koslofsky -- A Freiburg citizen's response to luther in 1524 / by Tom Scott -- Augustin Bader of Augsburg (d. 1530): weaver, prophet, messianic king / by Robert J. Bast -- Should you consecrate bells? Johannes Eberlin Von Günzburg argues against an established religious practice in 1525 / by Euan Cameron -- Catholic preaching on the eve of the French wars of religion: a eucharistic battleground / by Larissa Juliet Taylor -- How to convince Catholics that Protestants have sex in the open air: Gabriel du Préau's catalogue of all heretics, 1569 / by Irena Backus -- The Luther family's flight: a counter-Reformation polemical broadsheet of the 1620s / by Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger -- God intervenes: a eucharistic miracle in the principality of Orange, 1678 / by S. Amanda Eurich -- Different confessions, difficult choices: Theodore Beza converts after thirteen years of inner struggles / by Scott M. Manetsch -- "A priest you were on Sunday -- Monday morning a minister": clerical conformity in eighteenth-century Ireland / by Monica Brennan -- A great poet describes his own times: John Milton's of reformation, 1641 / by David Cressy -- Thomas Gage in Guatemala: a Puritan's memoir of preaching among the Maya, 1648 / by Kevin Gosner -- The morality of doubt: the religious skeptics of seventeenth-century Venice / by Edward Muir.
Show me your horse and I will tell you who you are: Marx Fugger on horses as markers of social status, 1584 / by Pia F. Cuneo -- From Bohemia to Spain and back again: sports diplomacy in fifteenth-century Europe / by Paul Milliman -- Resisting and defending noble privileges in the new world: García De Contreras Figueroa before the Royal Appellate Court of New Spain, Mexico City, 1580 / by Michael Crawford -- "And so the old world has renewed": Magdalena Paumgartner of Nüremberg reveals the social significance of fashion, 1591 / by Ulinka Rublack -- In and out of the ivory tower: the scholar Conrad Pellikan starts a new life in Zürich in 1526 / by Bruce Gordon -- A Protestant pastor should set an example for his community: Johannes Brandmüller of Basel gets into trouble in 1591 / by Amy Nelson Burnett -- Spain, 1649: the inquisition disciplines two Catholic priests who shot the baby Jesus / by Allyson M. Poska -- Canterbury, 1560: slander and social order in an early modern town / by Catherine Richardson -- 'Popular duels': honor, violence, and reconciliation in an Augsburg street fight in 1642 / by B. Ann Tlusty -- Regulating day laborers' wages in sixteenth-century Zwickau / by Siegfried Hoyer -- Ore mountain miners stage a social protest in 1719 / by Helmut Bräuer -- Against corruption in all the estates: an early eighteenth-century pietist vision for universal reform through education / by Richard L. Gawthrop -- Life at a German court: the importance of equestrian skill in the early seventeenth century / by Pia F. Cuneo -- The constitutional treaty of a German city: Strasbourg, 1482 / by Thomas A. Brady, Jr -- Contested spaces: bishop and city in late fifteenth-century Augsburg / by J. Jeffery Tyler -- Uproar in Antwerp, 1522 / by Victoria Christman -- "We want the friar!" a civic uprising in Augsburg in 1524 / by Joel Van Amberg -- Bourges: public rituals of collective and personal identity in the middle of the sixteenth century / by Jonathan A. Reid -- Castres, 1561: a town erupts into religious violence / by Barbara B. Diefendorf -- Swiss towns put on a play: urban space as stage in the sixteenth century / by Kaspar von Greyerz -- Smoke, sound, and murder in sixteenth-century Paris / by Alan E. Bernstein -- Bologna's feast of the roast pig: a carnivalesque festival in a sixteenth-century Italian city square / by Nicholas Terpstra -- Taking control of village religion: Wendelstein in Franconia, 1524 / by Katherine G. Brady and Thomas A. Brady, Jr -- A Swiss village's religious settlement: Zizers in Graubünden, 1616 / by Randolph G. Head -- Mapping the unseen: a Bohemian Jesuit meets the Palaos Islanders, 1697 / by Ulrike Strasser -- Housefather and housemother: order and hierarchy in the early modern family / by Ute Lotz-Heumann -- Sexual crime and political conflict: an Alsatian nobleman is burned to death with his male lover in 1482 / by Christopher Ocker -- "O abomination!" a sixteenth-century sermon against adultery / by Curt Bostick -- Hans gallmeyer: seduction, bigamy, and forgery in an Augsburg workshop in 1565 / by Marjorie Elizabeth Plummer -- Professor Bryson's unfortunate engagement, Geneva, 1582 / by Karin Maag -- Gender relations in Germany during the Thirty Years' War: a groom refuses to marry his bride / by Heide Wunder -- Defining a new profession: ordinance regulating midwives, Nuremberg, 1522 / by Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks -- A chatty comedy about the birthing room: Johannes Praetorius observes women's lives in seventeenth-century Germany / by Gerhild Scholz Williams -- A letter sent from Augsburg in 1538: a Protestant minister writes to a friend about his illegitimate son / by Milton Kooistra -- Piedmont, 1712: son forced into monastery by his father manages to get out / by Anne Jacobson Schutte (?) -- A mother tries to reform her son: Elisabeth of Braunschweig's "motherly admonition" to her son Erich, 1545 / by Jill Bepler -- Old age outside the bosom of the family: Elizabeth Freke of Norfolk (d. 1714) / by Lynn a. Botelho -- Reformation by accident? martin luther's ninety-five theses of 1517 / by Scott H. Hendrix -- Thomas Müntzer: a radical alternative / by Günter Vogler -- Holy scripture alone: Philip Melanchthon and academic theology / by Nicole Kuropka -- Interpreting the Bible in the sixteenth century: John Calvin on the gospels of Luke and Matthew / by Bernard Roussel -- How to organize a church: John a Lasco on the election of ministers, 1555 / by Michael S. Springer -- What is a good death? Barbara Dürer, 1514 / by Helmut Puff -- A funeral sermon for Christian Röhrscheidt, law student in Leipzig, 1627 / by Cornelia Niekus Moore -- Pilsen, 1503: a wonderful apparition / by Kathryn A. Edwards -- Hornhausen: a Protestant miracle well in seventeenth-century germany / by Ute Lotz-Heumann -- Gent, 1658: the miracle of the breast milk -- or perhaps not / by Craig Harline -- A snapshot of Iberian religiosities: the inquisitorial case against the new Christian María de Sierra, 1651 / by David Graizbord -- "Blazing stars": interpreting comets as portents of the future in late seventeenth-century Germany / by Andrew Fix.
"A Sourcebook of Early Modern European History not only provides instructors of early modern European history with primary sources of a manageable length and translated into English, it also provides students with a concise explanation of their context and meaning.It is ideal for students of early modern history, and of early modern Europe in particular"--
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