Sources in British political thought, 1593-1900.
Harrison, Wilfrid, ed.
New York, Free Press [1965]
viii, 289 p. 21 cm.
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New York, Free Press [1965]
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Of the laws of ecclesiastical polity / Richard Hooker -- Leviathan, or the matter, form and power of a commonwealth, ecclesiastical and civil / Thomas Hobbes -- The commonwealth of Oceana / James Harrington -- Second treatise on civil government / John Locke -- The idea of a patriot king / Henry St. John -- A treatise of human nature / David Hume -- The theory of moral sentiments / Adam Smith -- Thoughts on the cause of the present discontents ; Reflections on the revolution in France and on the proceedings of certain societies in London relative to the event / Edmund Burke -- Common sense ; Rights of man / Thomas Paine -- A fragment on government / Jeremy Bentham -- An essay on governments / James Mill -- On the constitution of church and state, according to the idea of each / Samuel Taylor Coleridge -- On liberty / John Stuart Mill -- Liberty, equality, fraternity / James Fitzjames Stephen -- Popular government / Henry Sumner Maine -- Social statics / Herbert Spencer -- Ethical studies / F. H. Bradley -- Lectures on the principles of political obligation / Thomas Hill Green -- The philosophical theory of the state / Bernard Bosanquet.
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"Companion volume, Conflict and compromise: history of British political thought, 1593-1900."
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