Nanoparticles in life sciences and biomedicine [electronic resource] /
edited by Ana Rute Neves, Salette Reis.
Singapore : Pan Stanford Publishing, [2018]
xvi, 551 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
9781351207355, 9789814745987, 9814745987
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Singapore : Pan Stanford Publishing, [2018]
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Introduction. Importance and application of nanotechnology for improving existing therapy / Ana Rute Neves and Salette Reis -- Oral drug delivery approaches. Nanocarriers as a strategy for oral bioavailability improvement of poorly water-soluble drugs / Luise L. Chaves, Alexandre C. Vieira, Domingos Ferreira, Bruno Sarmento, Salette Reis, and Sofia A. Costa Lima -- Synthesis and applications of amphiphilic chitosan derivatives for drug delivery applications / Daniella Silva, Andreia Almeida, Claudia Azevedo, Sergio P. Campana-Filho, and Bruno Sarmento -- Oral administration of lipid-based delivery systems to combat infectious diseases / Rita M. Pinto, Daniela Lopes, Claudia Nunes, Bruno Sarmento, Salette Reis -- Oral administration of nanoparticles and gut microbiota-mediated effects / Ana Raquel Madureira and Manuela Pintado -- Oral nanotechnological approaches for colon-specific drug delivery / Rute Nunes, Bruno Sarmento, Salette Reis, and Pedro Fonte -- Topical drug delivery approaches. Nanotechnological approaches in drug absorption through skin topical delivery / Sofia A. Costa Lima and Salette Reis -- Pulmonary drug delivery approaches. New approaches from nanomedicine and pulmonary drug delivery for the treatment of tuberculosis / Joana Magalhaes, Alexandre C. Vieira, Soraia Pinto, Sara Pinheiro, Andreia Granja, Susana Santos, Marina Pinheiro, and Salette Reis -- Brain drug delivery approaches. Nanoparticles and new challenges in site-specific brain drug delivery / Ana C.R. Joyce Coutinho, Ruben G.R. Pinheiro, and Ana Rute Neves -- Cancer drug delivery approaches. The emerging role of nanomedicine in the advances of oncological treatment / Petra Gener, Diana Rafael, Simo Schwartz, and Fernanda Andrade -- On the trail of oral delivery of anticancer drugs via nanosystems / Jose Lopes-de-Araujo and Claudia Nunes -- Anti-inflammatory drug delivery approaches. Nanodelivery systems for NSAIDs: challenges and breakthroughs / Jose Lopes-de-Araujo, Catarina Pereira-Leite, Iolanda M. Cuccovia, Salette Reis, and Claudia Nunes -- Innovative target-to-treat nanostrategies for rheumatoid arthritis / Virginia Moura Gouveia, Claudia Nunes, and Salette Reis -- Gene delivery approaches. Nonviral therapeutic approaches for modulation of gene expression : nanotechnological strategies to overcome biological challenges / Ana M. Cardoso, Ana L. Cardoso, Maria C. Pedroso de Lima, and Amalia S. Jurado -- Theranostic approaches. Theranostics : simultaneous treatment and diagnosis make possible by nanotechnology / Joao Albuquerque, Ana Rute Neves, and Salette Reis -- Quantum dots: light emitters for diagnostics and therapeutics / Joao L.M. Santos, Jose X. Soares, S. Sofia M. Rodrigues, and David S.M. Ribeiro -- Cytotoxicity. Pro-inflammatory and toxic effects of silver nanoparticles/ Marisa Freitas, Daniela Ribeiro, Paula Silva, Jose L.F.C. Lima, Felix Carvalho, and Eduarda Fernandes.
"The creation of new and more efficient therapies for improving human health greatly depends on drug delivery systems. Nanotechnology has emerged as a powerful strategy for the development of nanoparticles, such as nanoemulsions, liposomes, nanocrystals, and nanocomplexes, applied in the diagnosis, treatment, or theranostics of several pathologies and diseases. This book reviews the most recent research and development in nanotechnology and, following a multidisciplinary approach, presents new strategies for drug delivery, including aspects from chemistry, physics, biology, and imaging methodologies and exploiting several administration routes, internalization pathways, site-specific delivery strategies, and the potential cytotoxicity of nanoparticles. Beginning with a description of the importance and application of nanotechnology for enhancing existing therapy, the book moves on to detailing oral, topical, pulmonary, brain, cancer, and anti-inflammatory drug delivery approaches; gene delivery approaches; theranostic approaches; and nanoparticle cytotoxicity. Practical and user friendly, it is suitable for advanced undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students of nanoscience and nanotechnology; researchers in nanoscience, nanotechnology, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, medicine, and bioengineering, especially those with an interest in drug delivery or theranostics; and academia and university readership"--Cover.
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 525-530) and index.

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