The fraternity of the estranged : the fight for homosexual rights in England, 1891-1908 /
Brian Anderson.
Leicestershire, UK : Matador, 2018.
vii, 256 pages ; 23 cm
1788037812, 9781788034876 (ebook), 9781788037815
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Leicestershire, UK : Matador, 2018.
9781788034876 (ebook)
contents note
Introduction -- Serendipity -- My best work, my least presentable -- A fateful collaboration -- A defence of erotic life -- Born lovers of their own sex -- A literary inquisition -- A wicked, scandalous and obscene book -- A stifled anachoronism -- Eros, the great leveller -- The fraternity of the estranged -- Postscripts.
general note
Although this book resonates with contemporary academic research, in the fiftieth year since the decriminalisation in England and Wales of sexual relations between men in private, it is intended to speak principally to the LGBT community and, in a time more accepting of sexual diversity, to a wider readership. For many, Carpenter and Symonds remain dead to the world: their brave stand against persecution and intolerance not widely known. This narrative recounts the writing of important books, but it also offers a glimpse of what it was like to be homosexual in late-Victorian England."--
"July 2017 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the partial decriminalisation in England and Wales of sexual relations between two men in private. Passed in 1885, the law that made homosxuality a crime remained in place for eighty-two years. Men who loved men were pushed to the margins in a society in which masculinity was strenuously upheld, but this restriction on same-sex relations did not go unchallenged. Between 1891 and 1908 three books appeared which opened the long struggle for the legal recognition of homosexual love that was finally achieved in 1967. Based on a meticulour reading of primary sources, the author has crafted a highly engaging account of a largely forgotten history, revealing the lives, works and mutual influence of three individuals who confronted attitudes towards homosexuality in late-Victorian England."--
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 235-242) and index.

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