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Educators on diversity, social justice, and schooling : a reader /
edited by Sonya ESinger and Mary Jane Harkins.
Toronto ; Vancouver : Canadian Scholars, 2018.
xvii, 384 pages ; 25 cm
1773380494, 9781773380490
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Toronto ; Vancouver : Canadian Scholars, 2018.
"The approach of Educators on Diversity, Social Justice, and Schooling is based on the tenet that whether we use the category of gender, race, age, culture, sexuality, ability, or class; each and all of them are used in a stratifying way to "sort" ourselves into identity categories. One of the primary results of this self-sorting is that some people then have access to privilege and some do not, or can only access certain amounts of privilege. Privilege, like power, is a process between two or more individuals or groups which operates on so many levels that the operation itself is often invisible. The effects, however, are anything but invisible. In our common vernacular, we call them sexism, racism, heterosexism, homophobia, classism, ableism, et cetera. This book brings research on schooling, social justice and diversity together in new and innovative ways. The contributing authors are a diverse group of critical and forward-thinking scholars who are addressing issues of social justice because of their deep commitment to becoming agents of change. These writers support a reconceptualization of the nature of worldviews. They encourage us to open our minds and hearts as we gain new understandings of what we need to know to create spaces for living and learning that are inclusive and equitable."--
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