Residential tenancies /
Richard A. Feldman.
11th edition.
Toronto, Ontario : Carswell, 2018.
cxxii, 1835 pages ; 25 cm
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Toronto, Ontario : Carswell, 2018.
This comprehensive and easy-to-use text is authoritative and filled with practical information. It is a practical and accessible guide that landlords, tenants, property managers, legal representatives, students, and educators alike are sure to find useful. Highlights of the eleventh edition include: Commentary explaining significant amendments made since the last edition, including those intended: To permit quick and quiet terminations of tenancies where a tenant or child has experienced violence or abuse; To expand rent control provisions to address the scarcity of affordable housing; To restrict circumstances in which a landlord may increase rent above the annual guideline amount, or in which a landlord may terminate a tenancy for personal occupation To facilitate landlords seeking compensation for damage to the units caused by tenants To permit a tenant to claim moving expenses where the landlord refuses the tenant’s return after extensive renovations had prompted the tenant’s temporary relocation To require adoption of a standard form lease for most private residential tenancy arrangements Reference to hundreds of new court and Landlord and Tenant Board decisions. The full text of all relevant statutes, regulations, Landlord and Tenant Board Rules and Interpretation Guidelines; A complete collection of the Social Justice Tribunals of Ontario’s Common Rules of Practice and Practice Directions; A Quick Reference Guide to assist with the most common types of applications made under the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006; Enhanced index for ease of searching."--Website
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Includes bibliographical references and index.

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