La rencontre à la fontaine.
Kronheim & Co.
[London] : [Kronheim & Co.], [between 1850 and 1860].
1 art reproduction : oil colour print on paper ; 50 x 37 cm.
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corporate author
[London] : [Kronheim & Co.], [between 1850 and 1860].
Baxter times 332
general note
Size of image: 33 x 24 cm.
local note
Victoria University Library copy includes the registration holes.
Victoria University Library copy is in a protective plastic sleeve, stored in Kronheim box no. 10.
Two women have met at a large stone fountain filled with water. They have come to fill the brown earthen vessels which they rest on the edge of the fountain, while they regard two birds drinking the water before them. The woman nearer us is clothed in a blue bodice, with white sleeves, a yellow skirt tucked up over her deep red petticoat, and she wears eardrops. The other has a brown scarf over her head and shoulders and wears a red bodice with white sleeves. On the right is shown a stone building, and to the left a wooden crucifix, with a wreath of roses placed onit, stands in the fields. Coming towards the crucifix is a woman, mounted on a mule, and holding a baby in her arms, at whose side walks a man carrying his hat in his hand. Print is unsigned.
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