Le depart.
Kronheim & Co.
[London] : [Kronheim & Co.], [between 1850 and 1860].
1 art reproduction : oil colour print on paper ; 38 x 50 cm.
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corporate author
[London] : [Kronheim & Co.], [between 1850 and 1860].
Baxter times 329
general note
Size of image: 24 x 33 cm.
local note
Victoria University Library copy includes the registration holes.
Victoria University Library copy is in a protective plastic sleeve, stored in Kronheim box no. 10.
This is a Venetian scene, showing a noble lady and gentleman on the steps that lead down to the canal, on whose place water a gondola waits ready to convey the gentleman. The lady, who fondly clings to her companion's arm, has a blue ribbon round her curly hair, and wears a red coat trimmed with lace, and a deep golden yellow skirt. The noble squire is clothed in a satin doublet and trunk hose of purple and green, edged with golden braid and lace, and having red sleeves; white tights and shoes. On his head is a low-crowned hat with a large white feather, and a short cloak hangs from his shoulder, and a rapier at his side. Perched on his left hand is a parrot, and a greyhound stands before him looking up into his face. Behind them on a carved stone parapet is shown an ornamental vase with a creeper traling from it. The setting sun throws a radiant glow over the surface of the water, from behind the buildings on the other side of the canal. The print is unsigned.
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