Le pigeon favori.
Kronheim & Co.
[London] : [Kronheim & Co.], [between 1850 and 1860].
1 art reproduction : oil colour print on paper ; 50 x 37 cm.
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corporate author
[London] : [Kronheim & Co.], [between 1850 and 1860].
Baxter times 331
general note
Size of image: 33 x 24 cm.
local note
Victoria University Library copy includes the registration holes.
Victoria University Library copy is in a protective plastic sleeve, stored in Kronheim box no. 10.
On the lowermost of three broad stone steps, leaning against a wall over which climbs the tendrils of a vine, is shown a lassie with a pigeon perched on her left hand. She wears roses in her hair, under her straw hat, with its long red ribbons flowing behind, and her costume consists of a white blouse, blue skirt, deep red petticoat and green belt. Two other pigeons strut on the step at her feet, and a white dog is jumping up at her. Behind her on the steps, lies a wooden tub. A stone-built house, around which numerous pigeons are flying, stands in the background, and on the hills that rise to the right appear other houses.
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